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REAPER 4.x downloads
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REAPER v4.78 - May 4, 2015
Downloads: Changes:
  • AU: fixed informing plugins of project repeat state
  • DDP: fixed error handling cases
  • FX: reset PDC when offlining FX
  • MIDI SPP: fixed SPP sending with project measure offsets at t=0, send SPP when stopped/seeking to t=0, other fixes
  • Media item properties: fixed undocked window position restoring
  • Metronome: count-in sound quality fixes
  • Mixer: fixed FX add menu not always updating properly
  • OSX: CoreAudio latency detection improvements
  • OSX: fixed UI issues with listviews on Yosemite and trackpads
  • ReaControlMIDI: fixed pitch automation issue
  • Routing window: fixed default initial position bug
  • Transport: fixed potential display corruption on win32 and when docked above ruler
  • VST: whitelist Voxengo plug-ins to use effSetSpeakerArrangement by default

REAPER v4.77 - February 7, 2015
Downloads: Changes:
  • Item editing: trim behind mode better handles exactly-overlapping items
  • Item fades: fixed potential for invalid output in certain but rare fades
  • JSFX: fixed last touched parameter when skipping sliders .
  • JSFX: support for naming sliderXY variables via @sliderx:varname=defval<... syntax
  • MIDI: fixed encoding of linear tempo changes in exported MIDI
  • MIDI: .mid file writing fixed when ticks per QN is configured higher than 64k
  • Media explorer: support for MIDI/OSC action binding
  • Media explorer: fixed potential crash with bad timestamps .
  • Media item properties: fixed start offset adjustment when using take playrates
  • Preferences: fixed track icon alignment setting .
  • Preferences: fixed setting of no track grouping indicator .
  • Project tabs: fixed hide/restore of input FX windows on tab switch
  • Render queue: fixed invalid render directories/filenames in certain instances .
  • Ripple editing: fixed moving items with other locked items at same position .
  • Screensets: better project tab support for FX
  • Screensets: fixed screenset issues with input FX and hardware FX
  • Undo: improved FX envelope panel undo behavior
  • VST: fixed incorrect latency reporting when changing pin connections

REAPER v4.76 - December 15, 2014
Downloads: Changes:
  • Editing: show horizontal guide lines when moving envelope points/segments, and media items in free item positioning mode
  • Elastique 3: new version, also re-fixed the multichannel issue on win32
  • Envelopes: fixed the option 'Add edge points when moving envelope points' .
  • Envelopes: fixed various take envelopes/points selection buglets
  • Envelopes: improved marquee-selection .
  • Envelopes: restored move/copy envelope points within item bounds instead of start of next item .
  • Frame rate grid: corrected 29.97DF grid/snap behavior
  • Media explorer: peaks drawing fixes/optimizations
  • Media items: fixed potential volume/pan/pitch adjustment issues vs item locking .
  • Multitouch: improved Windows 8.1 multitouch behavior
  • Project: allow user defined framerates
  • ReaPitch: fixed potential crash when loading presets
  • ReaSurround: don't rotate diffusion fields while rotating input sources
  • ReaVerb: better handling of impulse response file gain, deprecated old normalize options
  • Ripple edit all tracks: re-ripple things after locked items, if some items are selected there too
  • Undo: added undo points when selecting envelope points via mouse clicks
  • Undo: fixed envelope edition undo which was also changing lane height in certain instances
  • Video: fixed leak in bridged-quicktime mode
  • Video: fixed leaks when using multiple copies of the same image or GIF
  • Video: fixed memory leak with ffmpeg/libav 5.4
  • Video: fixed support for decoding various obscure colorspaces with VLC

REAPER v4.75 - November 7, 2014
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Downloads: Changes:
  • API: added GetGlobalAutomationOverride, SetGlobalAutomationOverride
  • API: added SetCursorContext (to change the focus programmatically and track/take envelope selection)"
  • API: fixed TrackFX_GetEQParam for gain parameters
  • Automation: Fixed global override button not being refreshed on project load/switches
  • Elastique 3: multichannel fixes .
  • Envelopes: fixed jumpy envelope points with the option 'Envelope point selection follows time selection' .
  • Envelopes: track FX envelopes read unarmed automation in write mode .
  • Envelopes: Arm buttons display a 'pushed' state regardless of the automation mode
  • Focus: Fixed cursor context issues, e.g. context lost (OSX) or changed (Win) after clicking a docked toolbar button
  • JSFX: fixed slider_automate() not obeying to the preference 'Automatically add envelopes when tweaking parameters in automation write modes' .
  • MIDI editor: fixed display/UI issues on projects with partial measures .
  • Mixer: fixed input label not being refresh in certain instances .
  • Mixer: improved right-click on master track selection behavior
  • OSC: fixed master solo feedback .
  • OSC: fixed volume feedback issues ..
  • OSX: Fixed contextual key shortcuts not passing through some windows (copy, paste, delete, etc)
  • OSX: added 'Backspace' default key shortcut to delete things in managers, project bay, etc
  • Playback: fixed hangs when changing playrate while paused .
  • Playback: small optimization to sends/PDC related code
  • Project bay: if moving files fails, fall back to copying them (and trying to delete)
  • Project bay: show copy status window when copying files
  • Project bay: show errors when renaming/copying files
  • ReaScript: display an error message when running invalid scripts (e.g. file not found)
  • ReaScript: display more details when Python initialization fails .
  • ReaSurround: recalculate channel outputs when automating speaker gain .
  • Render: update rather than close configuration window when changing project tabs
  • Render: fixed samplerate display issues in render queue .
  • Ripple edit: action 'Options: Ripple editing: Per-track/All tracks' reports a toggle state
  • Ripple edit: better behavior moving/pasting/removing items with later locked items
  • Ripple edit: option for how to handle locked items (prefs/editing behavior/ripple editing)
  • Undo: action 'Master Track: Toggle stereo/mono' creates an undo point .
  • Video: fixed EOF issue with certain files and DirectShow
  • Video: fixed OSX display switching from YV12 to YUV/RGB
  • Video: fixed potential incorrect layering orders
  • Video: search for ffmpeg binaries in appdata:UserPlugins\64 on win64 (allowing separate 32 and 64 bit installs)
  • Video: section sources are supported for determining video frame

REAPER v4.731 - September 26, 2014
Now with Elastique v3!
Downloads: Changes:
  • OSX: updated signing for OSX 10.9.5+ .
  • Tab to transient: fixed MIDI transient inaccuracies .
  • WAV reading: fixed incorrect reading of files with 125 or more bytes per sample-frame (e.g. 48+ channel 24 bit files)

REAPER v4.73 - September 17, 2014
Now with Elastique v3!
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: fixed 'FX: Set MIDI learn for last touched FX parameter' when triggered from MIDI controllers .
  • Actions: improved undo for duplicate item actions .
  • AU: fixed PDC failures when track channel counts change
  • Items: fixed 'Duplicate items' misbehaviour with ripple editing .
  • Items: fixed item edge locking .
  • Menu bar: fixed mangling of UTF-8 characters when truncating action strings .
  • ReaControlMIDI: support all 14 bit resolution CC pairs
  • ReaScript: load several scripts in one go
  • ReaVerb: improved handling of certain low-level mono signals .
  • Recording: optimized disk writing buffers
  • Recording: changed OSX default write mode to unbuffered, reduced buffer size
  • Render Region Matrix: fixed unselected region rendering .
  • Stretch markers: auto-seek when editing stretch markers and auto-seek-on-edit is set in prefs
  • Timestretch: added the fantastique elastique v3 pitch shift/timestretch engine
  • Timestretch: fixes to extreme stretch logic
  • Track FX envelopes: fixed inserted points despite automation lane not armed .
  • Undo: fixed edit cursor being sometimes moved despite preferences
  • VST: support for effCanBeAutomated to allow plug-ins to not show hidden parameters

REAPER v4.721 - August 19, 2014
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: fixed GetSetTrackSendInfo() UI refresh issues .
  • MIDI editor: fixed toggle states of Humanize/Transpose notes actions
  • ReaNinjam: fixed chat window crash on OSX .
  • Stretch markers: fixed marker visibility bugs when using take playrates

REAPER v4.72 - August 14, 2014
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: PluginPreventUIRefresh() also prevents track control updates
  • API: improved API header generation (user configurable output, options)
  • API: fixed some routing display issues .
  • Auto-record arm: faster changing of mode for large track counts
  • Auto-record arm: fixed multiple undo points being added when toggling setting
  • Items: fixed possible crash when removing take envelopes
  • Items: pitch envelopes that are inactive are properly ignored (and do not use pitch shifting)
  • MIDI editor: click on ruler or arrange view follows main preference to seek playback
  • MIDI editor: drawing performance improvements
  • MIDI editor: fixed some mouse-click modifiers in the MIDI ruler .
  • Media Explorer: preview is less interrupted by active project actions
  • Media explorer: ignore corrupted embedded tempo/beat information .
  • Menus: avoid redundant regeneration of customized menus .
  • Performance: reduced excessive audio locking from many less-often-used actions
  • Performance: do not block audio threads when closing/reinitializing MIDI devices
  • Performance: reduced excessive locking in track envelope window
  • Performance: unfreeze no longer blocks audio from other projects
  • Performance: faster performance when using many tracks that are not visible in track list
  • Performance: faster/smoother updating when vertical zooming arrange view
  • Projects: warnings give more details about missing features/plugin extensions
  • Projects: when prompting for loaded project on startup, show more information on previous tabs
  • ReaScript: fixed invalid undo state when script is not found
  • ReaScript: fixed learned MIDI CCs in relative modes .
  • Region manager: fixed region/marker deletion .
  • Render: if the rendered time selection coincides with a project region, support the $region wildcard for the rendered file name .
  • Stability: fixed clipping overflow bugs in various graphics fill/blit functions
  • Stability: possible fix for certain menu-related crashes on OSX .
  • Toolbars: fixed button state flashes .
  • Track manager: improved function of link TCP/mixer visibility .
  • Transport: avoid edit auto-committing in newly activated projects .
  • Video: animated .gif files can now be inserted into projects and played as video
  • WAV: corrected padding of data chunk for wav/w64 when the final chunk in file .

REAPER v4.71 - July 15, 2014
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Downloads: Changes:
  • Audio Units: Windows build properly maintain Audio Unit state
  • Audio Units: better display sorting in FX browser
  • Audio Units: better identification of plug-ins, handling of changing plug-in names
  • Media explorer: fixed intermittent seek behavior
  • Mouse modifiers: restored previous default behavior of mouse middle button click (move edit cursor ignoring snap) .
  • UI: small optimizations to graphics performance

REAPER v4.7 - July 10, 2014
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Downloads: Changes:
  • API: GetSetObjectState/GetSetObjectState2 support take envelopes
  • API: added GetSelectedEnvelope
  • API: added IsREAPER (vs running in ReaMote)
  • API: added ReverseNamedCommandLookup
  • API: added SetProjectMarker4 and SetProjectMarkerByIndex2 (which are able to clear marker/region names)
  • API: added Splash_GetWnd (to allow display of error messages over the splash)
  • API: fixed TrackFX_SetPresetByIndex and TrackFX_NavigatePresets .
  • API: plugin extensions can register post-action hooks .
  • Audio Units: use new Audio Unit API for increased compatibility on 10.6 and newer
  • Actions: toggle track solo/mute/FX bypass/record-arm/visibility report ON/OFF states
  • Actions: selected track under mouse cursor will scroll track into view in other contexts
  • Actions: added nudge take/item volume +1db/-1dB, or reset item to 0dB
  • Actions: explode multichannel media now obeys render/glue format option .
  • Actions: fixed reported state of 'Toggle track zoom to minimum height' .
  • Actions: 'Minimize all tracks' no longer toggles .
  • Actions: 'Monitoring FX: toggle bypass' now reports state
  • FX Browser: right-click menu can insert FX with user preset loaded
  • FX: fixed Program Change menu item issues .
  • FX: fixed AU and VST plugin window and generic UI refresh on factory preset changes via MIDI PC or API
  • FX: added support for linking JSFX preset to MIDI Program Change
  • FX: JSFX OSX retina support for UIs, set gfx_ext_retina to 1 in @init, check for 2 in @gfx
  • FX: JSFX pin mapper properly ignores output pin assignments when JSFX have no outputs defined
  • JS/midi_humanizer: fixed note-offs (thanks DarkStar)
  • Localization: fix for window titles supporting multiple code pages
  • Localization: fixed potential misbehaviors in the MIDI Editor
  • Localization: fixed marker/region import .
  • Main menu: audio device status shows physical interface channel counts, not virtualized channel counts
  • MIDI: added option to consolidate MIDI as .MID file
  • MIDI: fixed channel filter in MIDI source properties .
  • MIDI: added mouse modifier context for ruler marker/region lanes, scroll/zoom support
  • MIDI: display MIDI program name in event list view
  • MIDI: actions to replace or merge MIDI note names
  • MIDI: improved editor ruler display
  • Media explorer: configurable pitch shift knob range, options to move in semitones or quarter tones
  • Media explorer: option to preserve pitch shift setting when changing media
  • Media explorer: control+drag to horizontally zoom peaks preview display
  • Media explorer: do not stop preview playback when selecting folders
  • Media explorer: fixed zipper noises when changing preview volume
  • Media explorer: improved interaction with audio device closing
  • Media explorer: improved selection behavior in native listview mode
  • Media item properties: HMSF time mode for item position/length
  • Mixer: 'Go to send destination' tweaks .
  • Mouse modifiers: reverse handscroll zoom behavior is now a global preference rather than a separate mouse modifier .
  • OSX: much faster drawing for Retina Macs
  • OSX: faster drawing on newer OSX versions
  • Performance meter: additional ReaMote column when ReaMote is enabled
  • Performance meter: optimized display, sortable columns
  • Performance: improved track panel/mixer panel UI behavior/performance with large track counts .
  • Performance: various FX preset improvements
  • Performance: Region manager better handles large region/marker counts
  • Performance: Region render matrix better handles large region counts
  • Performance: Track manager better handles large track counts
  • Project Bay: fixed changing FX presets from bay
  • Project settings: improved media format options for glue/apply fx/etc
  • Project tabs: save project tab list on exit, restore on startup
  • Project tabs: option to prompt for action on startup (last project, last project tabs, recent projects, new project, etc)
  • Project tabs: option to prompt on startup when project previously failed to load
  • Project tabs: new actions including 'Close all project but current' and 'New project tab (ignore default template)'
  • Project tabs: improved prompt for save before exiting (show a list of all unsaved projects)
  • RS5k: fixed UI issues with parameter automation/modulation .
  • Region/Marker manager: fixed text filter not being restored .
  • Render: fixed incorrect peak drawing used with resampling .
  • Render: new idle-priority offline rendering options
  • Theme: fix for clipped master track fader text
  • Track manager: option to automatically scroll to selected track works when selecting tracks outside of the track manager
  • Transport: fixed labels for transport docked actions, other buglets
  • Undo: changing track selection via right-click creates an undo point (if the related option is enabled, in preferences/general)
  • Windows: insert media files menu/action uses Vista+ file browser, if relevant
  • Windows: allow choosing audio thread priority for non-ASIO modes, (default) MMCSS support
  • Windows: WaveOut, Kernel Streaming, and WASAPI modes use device names for configuration
  • Windows: WASAPI bug fixes, compatibility and performance improvements

REAPER v4.62 - May 12, 2014
Obeying the First Law of Francodynamics
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: fixed typo in "Go to end/start of loop" action names .
  • API: fixed RenderFileSection() return value
  • API: plugin extensions can register MIDI/OSC learn-able actions .
  • API: plugin extensions can register actions in any section .
  • API: plugin extensions can register toggle actions in any section
  • Envelopes: cut/paste respects project and track timebase .
  • FX: fix for FX browser context menu issues on secondary monitors .
  • FX: fixed timing issues with looped PDC+MIDI .
  • FX: optional auto-positioning of FX chains and floating FX windows, improved default positioning
  • JSFX: added support for reading various media types that REAPER supports (including FLAC, WavPack, etc)
  • JSFX: gfx_arc() overdraw fixes
  • Localization: fixed browse for directory issues .
  • Localization: fixed Screensets/Layouts shortcut issues
  • Localization: allowed localization of toolbar names
  • Localization: various fixes ........
  • MIDI editor: display on/off states in the action list when relevant
  • MIDI editor: added action to show list of MIDI note name files at cursor
  • MIDI editor: list recent note name files in File/Customize note names menu
  • MIDI: fixed various timing problems with playback, display, and export when the user creates a project tempo map containing partial measures .
  • Mouse modifiers: added separate context for marker/region lanes (above the timeline)
  • Mouse modifiers: added new scroll/zoom actions
  • Preferences: consolidated TCP, VU meter, and fader preferences onto one page
  • ReaScript: avoid excess Undo_OnStateChange() calls and stale undo blocks for non-deferred scripts
  • Render wildcards: improved support for abbreviated wildcards to match older versions .
  • Render wildcards: hardened $itemnumber wildcard .
  • Ruler: changes to timeline appearance, customizable distance between timeline text labels
  • Ruler: new minimal-beats view mode
  • Ruler: separate theme colors for measure vs other markings
  • Stability: fixed possible crash on exit when using RX2 files
  • Stability: fixed multiproject related stability issues (JeffOS is awesome)
  • Stability: reverted change from 4.611 which caused some VSTs to crash on exit
  • Toolbars: allow customizing the names of builtin toolbars
  • VST: fixed MIDI output disable mode
  • Windows: avoid msvcrt.dll dependency in win32 builds

REAPER v4.611 - April 14, 2014
Steady on
Downloads: Changes:
  • Cockos: Welcome JeffOS
  • Envelopes: fixed move segment preserving end values with square points .
  • FX: keyboard shortcut to replace FX preserving routing changed from R to Ctrl+R
  • Items: fixed random noise being possible for unlooped items with negative start offsets .
  • Licensing: about box now has option to show only personal or small business use in titlebar for this license type
  • JSFX: gfx_arc() drawing fix .
  • MIDI editor: fixed behavior when using one editor per project .
  • MIDI editor: fixed unexpected behavior of action to set CC lane (custom keyboard shortcuts for this action will need to be reset) .
  • Peaks: memory mapped peak files are off by default to save address space/better deal with lost disks
  • Projects: fixed encoding of certain strings with quotes in them (group and comp names)
  • Projects: fixed decoding of certain (rare) strings
  • ReaInsert: added new (default) option to use audio device reported latency rather than relying solely on ping tests
  • ReaScript: fixed GetToggleCommandState2 to work with other sections
  • ReaScript: fixed MIDI text/sysex event get/set support .
  • ReaScript: fixed MIDI_SetTextSysexEvt and MIDI_GetTextSysexEvt (note: for sysex the supplied/returned message no longer includes the bounding 0xF0/0xF7)
  • Screensets: much faster saving, faster loading
  • Stability: fixed potential crash on exit introduced in 4.61
  • Stability: fix for potential UI hang with linear tempo transitions on Win64 .
  • Track routing: routing window visual alignment fixes
  • VST: no longer unload plug-ins DLLs on exit
  • Windows: fixed menu language pack issue .

REAPER v4.61 - March 20, 2014
Downloads: Changes:
  • Automation: option to not reset latch state on loop .
  • FX: menu actions to replace or quick-replace an effect preserving routing
  • Glue: when glueing all muted items, produce muted result
  • Items: fixed buttons on very large/zoomed media items
  • Items: fixed interaction between editing take start offset and warp markers in item properties dialog .
  • Items: avoid playback glitch with negative section start offsets
  • JS: allow "filename:png" lines with indexes more than 128
  • MIDI editor: fixed behavior when using one editor per track .
  • MIDI: CC chase bug fix .
  • MIDI: when edits result in MIDI events that do not pass the filter, disable the filter
  • Missing file window: show current project .
  • OSC: improved controller feedback for transport state (play/pause/record/stop)
  • OSX: fixed 10.4 top level menu issues introduced in 4.33
  • OSX: optimized drawing in certain partial-update situations
  • OSX: support receiving long sysex messages from hardware
  • Performance: option to use new worker thread scheduling logic which can use less CPU
  • Performance: reduced CPU overhead of silent tracks when stopped, similar option for playback
  • Performance: reduced memory usage when viewing projects with many audio items
  • Performance: improved performance of note range calculations for tracks with many MIDI items
  • Performance: faster/safer exit process
  • Performance: better OSX splash screen updating
  • Performance: faster OSX track creation/loading
  • Performance: faster loading/saving and undo-point creation
  • Plugins: native plug-ins are no longer unloaded at exit on Win32
  • RS5k: fixed text field UI when automating parameters
  • Recording: support for wildcards when automatically naming recording files
  • Render: added wildcards for start and end time
  • Screensets: docker related screenset fixes
  • Scrolling: improved autoscroll behavior in arrange view and maximized mixer
  • Stability: fixed potential crash when showing media items in lane and resizing track height .
  • Stability: fixed potential crash when sending automated FX parameter updates via OSC
  • Stability: small optimizations and buffer overflow protection
  • Stretch markers: fixed playback error when using unlooped items and start offset is negative .
  • Stretch markers: update video preview position when editing stretch markers
  • Theme: added toolbar_filter_solo (for MIDI toolbar)
  • Track autonaming: removal of trailing numbers is now optional and off by default
  • Undo: last undo state shown in menu bar is now constrained in size

REAPER v4.602 - March 2, 2014
Downloads: Changes:
  • MIDI: export project name to tempo track .

REAPER v4.601 - March 2, 2014
And more!
Downloads: Changes:
  • Prefs: allow -inf for track/send/hardware output default volumes .
  • Smooth seek: fixed smooth seek at region end (also fixes Region Playlist extension) .
  • Title bar: fixed duplicate text .

REAPER v4.60 - Feburary 28, 2014
And more!
Downloads: Changes:
  • Cues: fixed legacy API support for media item cues .
  • FX: fixed keyboard navigation in FX chains on Windows
  • FX: update FX chain window after copying FX from TCP or mixer .
  • JS: added jnif's excellent sequencer_baby mod as sequencer_megababy
  • JS: floaty_delay glitch fix
  • JS: added gfx_circle, gfx_arc, and gfx_roundrect
  • JS: added globals() keyword for functions, can be used to restrict access to global variables/namespaces
  • JS: added midisend(ts,msg1,msg2,msg3) and midirecv(ts,msg1,msg2,msg3) for improved readability
  • JS: added midisend_buf(ts,buf,length) and midirecv_buf(ts,buf,maxlen), useful for send/receive of both normal MIDI data and sysex
  • JS: added midisend_str(offs,str), midirecv_str(offs,str)
  • JS: added mouse_wheel and mouse_hwheel, time(), time_precise()
  • JS: fixed 4096 point MDCT
  • JS: fixed gfx positioning with large fonts, made requested size more likely to be used
  • JS: fixed sizing issue on OSX .
  • JS: gfx_getchar() support, use with no parameter to get a key ('a', '1', 'f1', 'up', 'down', etc), or with gfx_getchar('up') to get status of a key
  • JS: gfx_loadimg() now supports JPG, PCX, ICO, BMP, LVG in addition to PNG
  • JS: optimized midisyx()
  • JS: "options:" can now include gmem=namedpool, which allows plugins to allocate their own shared gmem[], which also increases the size of gmem[] to 8M entries (from the default 1M)
  • JS: "options:want_all_kb" support for defaulting to plug-in gets all keys
  • JS: plugin instances with @gfx sections will remember their sizes after user resize .
  • JS editor: fixed bugs in find function .
  • JS editor: configurable per-file tab size, use "tabsize:X" before @init to configure
  • Joysticks: allow use of all ReaScript/EEL APIs from joystick scripts, including gfx_*()
  • MIDI editor: actions to invert chord voicings
  • MIDI editor: actions to reverse or invert selected events
  • MIDI editor: filter solo (play only events that pass through the filter)
  • MIDI editor: filter supports a range of parameters (note values, MIDI programs, etc)
  • MIDI editor: filter supports event position within measure
  • MIDI editor: fixed opening MIDI editor via action with certain editor preferences set
  • MIDI editor: fixed velocity lane editing on OSX .
  • MIDI editor: if white/black piano roll theme colors are identical, draw horizontal lines to separate notes
  • MIDI editor: right-drag piano keys to select a range of notes
  • MIDI export: fixed exporting project cues along with MIDI tempo map .
  • MIDI: do not import or export track name messages to/from the tempo track
  • MIDI: fixes to sorting when merging multiple MIDI streams .
  • Media items: better display of item buttons when first take is empty and not visible .
  • MP3: fixed index file generation issues from 4.59
  • Nudge: improved support for nudging by frame with DF timecode .
  • Nudge: fixed framerate mode in nudge items by grid size action .
  • OSC: display track pan width feedback properly .
  • OSC: reduced duplicate OSC messages, optimized wildcard matching/generation
  • OSC: support for marker/region feedback to devices
  • OSX: check /Library/Application Support/REAPER/ for license file
  • Parameter modulation: fixed various sync issues, fixed labeling to QN rather than beats, old behavior still exists for old projects
  • Parameter modulation: improved speed slider behavior/snapping
  • Project save: action to save new version of project (automatically increment project name)
  • Project save: save with media move now correctly moves video files
  • ReaMote: fixed bridged plug-in support on OSX
  • ReaPlugs: ReaVerb now displays spectrograph of impulse
  • ReaPlugs: RS5k and ReaVerb have better resolving of filenames in samples or impulses subdirectory
  • ReaPlugs: fixed RS5k peakbuilding when changing samples via combo box
  • ReaPlugs: lowered ReaDelay RAM use with long delay lines
  • ReaScript: documentation improvements
  • ReaScript: added EEL language support in addition to Python
  • ReaScript: scripts can now persist via defer (EEL) or RPR_defer (Python)
  • ReaScript: improved AudioAccessor API, added AudioAccessorValidateState()
  • ReaScript: various new APIs including: CountProjectMarkers, GetLastMarkerAndCurRegion, SetProjectMarkerByIndex, DeleteProjectMarkerByIndex .
  • ReaScript: added APIs to get MIDI editor settings, get/set/insert MIDI events
  • ReaScript: fixed various functions to match documentation (CreateNewMIDIItemInProj,TrackFX_SetEQParam,TrackFX_GetEQParam)
  • ReaScript: stretch marker get/set support
  • Render: configurable render queue delay time (to allow samples to load if necessary)
  • Render: rendering regions/stems with RPP saving option produces a customized RPP per-file
  • Track manager: prevent adding FX to master input FX .
  • Transport: added themeable color for project play rate when not 1.0
  • VST: generic UI refreshes in response to audioMasterUpdateDisplay .
  • Video: Fixed high CPU usage when using non-zero timebased video files
  • Video: option to automatically detect orientation for jpeg/mov files

REAPER v4.591 - January 17, 2014
More stuff
Downloads: Changes:
  • FX: fixed keyboard navigation in FX chains on Windows .
  • JS: fixed sizing issue on OSX .
  • MIDI editor: fixed velocity lane editing on OSX .
  • RS5k: fixed peakbuilding when changing samples via combo box

REAPER v4.59 - January 13, 2014
More stuff
Downloads: Changes:
  • FX: fix for win 8.1 hang on fx add with default preset .
  • JSFX: added many new gfx APIs and functionality (including gfx_dest for offscreen drawing)
  • JSFX: string support for code, improved language syntax .
  • JSFX: IDE: better syntax highlighting with simple error detection, ctrl+T for matching parentheses/strings/etc
  • JSFX: IDE: can open/edit multiple files at once (ctrl+O on import line, or similar)
  • JSFX: IDE: watch window has searchable filter, can also do value=xyz or refs=xyz, other operators include <, > and &
  • JSFX: faster in-place fft_permute(), fixes to old bugs in FFT/memcpy
  • JSFX: fixed endian issue in file_var()/file_mem() reading of 16 bit wav files on PPC
  • JSFX: fixed file slider incorrect defaults
  • JSFX: force disabling FPU exceptions for better compatibility with certain plugins .
  • JSFX: hidden sliders can now start with -- to prevent adding UI gap, improvements to spacing
  • JSFX: sliderchange(-1) will trigger undo point when called from @gfx
  • MIDI editor: better handling of selection changes when using one MIDI editor per track
  • MIDI editor: fixed editing individual note velocity bars
  • MIDI editor: option to let MIDI editor remain open when the active media item is deleted in the arrange view
  • MIDI editor: reworked editor behavior preferences in options and in editor contents menu
  • MIDI editor: unhide hidden note rows when the user switches to piano keyboard view
  • MIDI: arrange view note scaling is per-track, rather than per-item
  • Media explorer: updated pitch shift API
  • Menus: better sorting for ini files
  • OSC: added messages to jump to marker or seek to region
  • OSX: more descriptive MIDI device names, which reduces potential order changes of similarly named devices
  • OSX: scan /Library/Application Support/REAPER/UserPlugins for native REAPER plug-ins (such as SWS)
  • Peaks: option to put peak files in peaks/ subdirectory from media
  • Peaks: option to force alternate peak-path for select media paths (such as sample libraries, etc)
  • Project bay: improvements to media item length sorting
  • Project bay: support for moving/copying media to any destination directory
  • ReaEQ: fixed locking issue on preset load
  • ReaMote/ReaStream: improved socket polling behavior (poll() on OSX, allow more than 64 connections on win32)
  • ReaMote: improved timeout behavior when remote host stops responding
  • ReaSamplomatic5k: fixed potential crash on loading with offline media .
  • Render: respect text cursor and selection when inserting wildcards from wildcard menu
  • Render: VU meters for master mix and stem tracks (mono, stereo, multichannel)
  • Render: VU meters display up to 24 channels for multichannel renders
  • Render: optimized output filename collision detection
  • Save as with copy: move only when in previous media path (added in 4.58) made optional .
  • Undo: better undo state descriptions for FX and envelope edits

REAPER v4.581 - December 17, 2013
Large-N Study
Downloads: Changes:
  • Render: faster dialog response time when changing render settings with very many regions and stems .
  • JS: prevent calls to gfx functions from audio thread (safety nitpick)

REAPER v4.58 - December 16, 2013
Large-N Study
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: added file_in_project_ex2, so that plugins tracking media files can receive copy notifications in save-as-copy etc
  • API: functions to get or set the region render matrix
  • FX: fixed chain focus issues when updating ReaSamplomatic plug-in name
  • FX: drag and drop cursor fixes relating to monitoring FX
  • FX: item FX chains can request higher channel counts for internal processing
  • JS: added midi_choke
  • MIDI editor: fixed copy/cut within time selection not advancing the cursor or extending the MIDI item properly in certain situations
  • MIDI editor: fixed double-click note behavior with certain settings
  • MIDI editor: fixed step sequencer hang on recording during playback .
  • MIDI editor: fixes relating to note folding
  • MIDI editor: improved edit cursor mouse click behavior
  • MIDI export: warn before overwriting files
  • MIDI inline editor: zoom/autozoom fixes
  • MIDI: more precise export of linear tempo transition .
  • MIDI: optimizatons to arrange view drawing
  • MIDI: option to automatically scale notes to fit in arrange view
  • OSC: fixed bug in /vkb_midi/note support
  • Project bay: avoid hang when zooming to selected items that are very far apart .
  • Project bay: improved sorting by take details column
  • ReaSamplomatic: multi-file support (adding a group of files via browse or drag and drop will divide velocity range by file)
  • ReaSamplomatic: active voice count indicator
  • ReaSamplomatic: added optional separate control for note-off release
  • Reasamplomatic: changed default settings for new instances
  • ReaSamplomatic: graphical display of ADS envelope
  • ReaSamplomatic: improved locking behavior to avoid audio interruption when loading samples
  • ReaSamplomatic: improved parameter names for automation purposes
  • ReaSamplomatic: reduced RAM use
  • ReaSamplomatic: save-as with copy media now puts samples into samples/ subfolder
  • ReaStream: improved blocking behavior for network sends
  • ReaSurround: by default, adjusts channels to match track channel count, but can be disabled
  • ReaVerb: improved threading behavior when loading impulses
  • ReaVerb: save-as with copy media now puts samples into impulses/ subfolder
  • Render: region render matrix window allows selecting which tracks are rendered under which regions
  • Render: better auto-increment numbering for duplicate render target filenames
  • Render: option to render selected items
  • Render: option to render tracks with only mono media to mono files
  • Render: more informative display for render queue
  • Save as with copy: better support for copying plug-in referenced media .
  • Save as with copy: move option will prefer to copy files not in known or fallback recording paths
  • Track channels: added 36 channels as an option
  • VST: improved setSpeakerArrangement behavior
  • VST: optionally inform plugins when track channel count changes
  • WAV: ignore nonsensical BEXT preferred position data
  • Windows: fixed x64 hang on certain tempo envelope and grid settings .

REAPER v4.57 - November 16, 2013
Omar's Comin Yo
Downloads: Changes:
  • AU: bridged support for plug-ins with multiple buses
  • AU: fixed bridged plug-in issues (broken in 4.56)
  • AU: improved bridged plug-in shutdown sequence to avoid autorelease errors
  • FX: fixed rare zero column size bug in FX browser
  • FX: floating FX windows show slot number of title
  • FX: restore floating state when bringing FX back online
  • Grouping: fixed possible group errors when using multiple project tabs
  • JS: fixed reset to default for sequencer_baby_v2
  • Localization: fixed potential crash on startup
  • MIDI editor: added mouse modifier to stretch MIDI source loop
  • MIDI editor: less sensitive mouse behavior for editing ruler loop points .
  • MIDI editor: new loop point editing behavior when start offset exists .
  • MIDI editor: quantize window has improved labels for quantize range
  • MIDI inline editor: added action to close editors for selected items for main context
  • MIDI inline editor: auto-zoom contents when opening if edits have occurred in main editor
  • MIDI inline editor: doubleclick on toolbar zoom button zooms-to-contents
  • MIDI inline editor: fixed flicker when using humanize window
  • MIDI inline editor: if closing editor via inline editor action, obey selection rules
  • MIDI: fixed peak issue with overlapping channel data .
  • MIDI: improved arrange view note display (scales to fit used notes)
  • Memory: tweaks to memory management logic
  • OSC: added /vkb_midi/[note|cc|pitch|program|polyaftertouch|channelpressure] commands for sending MIDI to the VKB record input
  • OSC: added default mappings for /track/@/[mute|solo|recarm]/toggle, /action/@/cc, /action/@/cc/relative, and /action/@/cc/soft (for soft-takeover)
  • OSC: improved support for soft-takeover on action and FX parameter bindings
  • OSX: fixed some small leaks
  • OSX: on 10.9+, disable App Nap when using bridged plug-ins, rendering, or audio device open
  • Video: fix startup crash with old VLC versions installed
  • Video: improved QT audio support
  • Windows: improved CPU/memory meter reliability
  • Windows: improved pin-to-top button behavior

REAPER v4.56 - November 8, 2013
That's why they call it The Palisades, bro
Downloads: Changes:
  • AU: improved performance on multichannel tracks
  • FX: drag and drop copy/move improvements
  • FX: drag and drop will auto increase track channel count when needed
  • JS: fixed pin mapper state saving in certain instances
  • JS: improved performance of mapped pins with high channel counts
  • MIDI editor: fixed crash when editing note velocity with velocity filter applied .
  • MIDI editor: fixed display issue when updating and inactive on non-aero Windows .
  • MIDI editor: fixed unpredictable behavior when editing left edge of looped MIDI item in MIDI editor .
  • OSC: added controller feedback for stereo track VU metering
  • OSC: fixed TIME with string parameter support
  • Render: fixes to stem rendering support for resampling and project regions
  • Timecode: LTC generator 23.976 mode is ND not DF (DF is deprecated)
  • Timecode: LTC generators generate correct ND timecode (timecode runs slower than a wall clock)
  • Timecode: LTC synchronization supports ND modes

REAPER v4.55 - October 27, 2013
Are we having fun yet?
Downloads: Changes:
  • Control surfaces: AlphaTrack better supports touch/untouch when automating FX parameters via knob
  • Control surfaces: now properly support touch state for width
  • Editing: fixed inconsistent behavior of trimming items behind edited time selection .
  • JS: added sequencer_baby_v2
  • JS: sequencer_baby now produces sample accurate results
  • MIDI editor: fixed ruler drawing for zero and negative measures
  • MIDI editor: note properties dialog supports multiple editable MIDI items
  • MIDI editor: refresh note properties, transpose, quantize, humanize dialogs on note selection change
  • MIDI import: fixed incorrect import of certain .mid files .
  • OSC: added TRACK_PAN2_TOUCH for width/dualpan touch support
  • OSC: reduced CPU/power use of OSC support
  • OSC: support for calling custom actions by string identifier .
  • OSX: CoreText PostScript font names cached to avoid 10.9+ warnings
  • OSX: improved support for Macbooks with GPU switching (do not force discrete GPU)
  • OSX: reduced power consumption from joystick polling, especially when joysticks are not physically present
  • Region manager: option to play region through, then repeat or stop, on selecting a new region
  • Splash: splash screen lists native plug-ins as they are being loaded
  • Transport: show pre-roll text when in pre-roll
  • Video: Added support for latest VLC version (v2.1.x)
  • Video: improved FFmpeg 5.4 audio decoding (float-planar)
  • Video: improved support for multichannel audio from VLC 2.0.x

REAPER v4.54 - October 7, 2013
Have we used "purple monkey dishwasher" twice before?
Downloads: Changes:
  • JS: fixed an issue in 4.53 where optimizations could cause incorrect code .

REAPER v4.53 - October 4, 2013
Have we used "purple monkey dishwasher" before?
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: various APIs properly update track-dirty flags .
  • Automation: fixed bug where plug-in automation timing would be affected by track channel count .
  • Batch converter: support writing to source directory for media items
  • JSFX: added !== and === operators (exact comparisons)
  • JSFX: avoid excess undo state save on finishing a slider drag
  • JSFX: user functions can now have namespaces as parameters -- function t(a*) ( a.foo = 1; );
  • JSFX: user functions can now have their own default namespaces -- function foo.bar() ( this.a=1; );
  • JSFX: user functions can now override builtin functions -- function sin(x) ( x - x^3/6 + x^5/120 );
  • MIDI editor: option to link track list selection to editability
  • MIDI editor: removed automatic 2-way mirroring of arrange view selection and MIDI track list selection
  • MIDI editor: track list selection optionally follows changes in arrange view selection
  • MIDI: quantize linear tempo changes when exporting project MIDI .
  • MIDI: preserve NRPN blocks on import/export .
  • MIDI: avoid flooding volume/pan messages when transport is stopped .
  • MIDI: fixed/improved pasting notes as new items from arrange view
  • Playback: improved some anticipative FX behavior changed in 4.52 .
  • ReaPlugs: various toggles now better support automation
  • ReaSamplomatic: reduced clicking when voice-constrained
  • Recording: fixed media monitoring when in time selection auto punch and no time selection
  • Stretch markers: move marker preserving left hand rate works properly on first stretch marker in item
  • VST: avoid flooding undo states on certain plugins that send too many audioMasterEndEdit (such as TB_EZQ)
  • VST: improved parameter automation behavior
  • Video: bridged Quicktime bugfix (eof would cause video source to stop working)
  • Video: fixed more audio playback issues when using VLC decoder

REAPER v4.52 - September 5, 2013
Buffalo buffalo buffalo
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: various actions better respect edit cursor in undo state
  • Graphics performance: fixed high CPU use when displaying media items with many embedded cues
  • MIDI editor: better cursor positioning on note edge clicks .
  • MIDI editor: fixed scroll issues, improved play cursor behavior
  • MIDI editor: track and channel selection available in both piano roll and event list view
  • MIDI editor: fixed channel filter initializing incorrectly when loading projects
  • MIDI: fixed pasting events into blank area of arrange view
  • Metering: fixed track metering inaccuracies on looped playback
  • Playback: fixed rare but possible increased memory use when changing loop selection during playback
  • ReaPlugs: improved undo point notification for various controls
  • Routing matrix: fixed scroll issue .
  • Video: fixed audio decoding issue when using VLC decoder on files containing a 32bps audio stream

REAPER v4.51 - August 30, 2013
Not quite a yearling
Downloads: Changes:
  • MIDI editor: dropdown box above keyboard area to select active track
  • MIDI editor: better performance updating edits with lots of pooled items
  • MIDI editor: improved source length editing behavior
  • MIDI: faster creation of pooled midi items
  • MIDI: fixed stuck note on looped playback introduced in 4.5
  • Undo: reduced excess work/flicker when in an undo block

REAPER v4.5 - August 29, 2013
Not quite a yearling
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: GetSetMediaTrackInfo with I_RECARM no longer generates undo points
  • API: added GetTrackDepth function
  • API: added functions to get media item track, parent tracks
  • API: fixed DoActionShortcutDialog() not updating configuration files
  • API: undo/redo cancels any pending undo blocks
  • Actions: added set item name from active take filename
  • Actions: fixed label for scroll view horizontally by page .
  • Autosave: configurable option for when to autosave (always, stopped, or not-recording)
  • Click source: better behavior when using pitch shifting/timestretch
  • Click source: do not adjust click source rates when adjusting tempo
  • Directory cleanup: better media path resolving for freeze and project bay referenced files
  • Dockers: improved autotransparency behavior
  • Envelopes: better behavior with multiple points selected
  • Envelopes: added actions to select various track envelopes
  • FX: Monitoring FX support - useful for analysis, room adjustment, or other non-project related processing
  • FX: fixed changing parameters via program change causing potential hang .
  • FX: safer UI updating when changing bypass/parameters via automation
  • FX: dropping FX on a track input fx, record arm, record mode, or record input will put FX on input chain
  • FX: input FX are now properly tracked by undo system
  • Fades: splitting items with crossfade set will set both crossfade and default item fades .
  • Grid: better support for measure lengths that are not multiples of grid size .
  • Grid: framerate grid/snap support
  • JS: $xHEXCONSTANT now parsed same as 0xHEXCONSTANT, no conversion to 32 bit signed integer
  • JS: editor has improved non-english keyboard support, syntax highlighting, better resizing support
  • JS: _global.variable support, regXX alias to _global.regXX
  • JS: added atomic_setifequal(), atomic_exch(), atomic_add(), atomic_set() and atomic_get()
  • JS: improved behavior with fx that define input or output pins but not both
  • JS: invsqrt() now produces same results for negative inputs on x86-64 and x86/PPC
  • MIDI editor: support for editing multiple MIDI items at the same time
  • MIDI editor: added track list and media item lane, filter window now filters only MIDI events, not media items
  • MIDI editor: track list and media item lane control which media item is active, which others are visible
  • MIDI editor: optionally preview all selected notes that start at the same time position
  • MIDI editor: optionally preview notes when editing or changing selection via keyboard action
  • MIDI editor: actions to activate next/previous item, visible item, or track, action to enable/disable relative snap
  • MIDI editor: added mouse modifiers to move/copy selected notes by dragging in the piano roll (no need to click the note again)
  • MIDI editor: added toolbar snap button context menu
  • MIDI editor: many bugfixes and performance improvements
  • MIDI editor: improved action to view raw MIDI data
  • MIDI editor: new cursors midi_noteedge_l, midi_noteedge_r, midi_stretch_l, midi_stretch_r
  • MIDI editor: save and load bank/program select files with tracks, rather than with individual MIDI takes
  • MIDI editor: stretch CC events when stretching a group of notes (when option enabled)
  • MIDI editor: support for 14-bit CC messages in piano roll and event list
  • MIDI editor: theme colors for out-of-bounds piano roll
  • MIDI editor: theme image for midi_item_bounds.png, table_remove_off, table_remove_on
  • MIDI editor: track list shift+click expands/collapses folders or track items
  • MIDI editor: track list has right-click menu option to choose which tracks to show/hide in track list
  • MIDI: fixed chasing notes in certain instances .
  • MIDI: fixed multiproject hang bug .
  • MIDI: import SMF cues that are embedded in the tempo track
  • MIDI: optionally embed project markers as MIDI cues when exporting project MIDI
  • MIDI: optionally import embedded cues as project markers
  • MIDI: when playing back looped, improved sample-level rounding to avoid duplicate midi notes
  • MTC: fixed hour-rounding issue with 25fps
  • Marker/region manager: import/export csv properly supports commas/quotes (RFC 4180) .
  • Metronome: Preferences/Audio setting to choose default output
  • OSX: PowerPC build has improved defaults for better performance
  • OSX: fixed fx pin connector text
  • OSX: localized audio device info menu support
  • Pan: enabled overriding pan mode for the master track . .
  • Performance meter: options to show/hide empty tracks/master track/Monitoring FX
  • Project bay: better undo integration for speed/RAM use, faster undo state loading
  • Project bay: improved sorting for length, track, position with fallbacks .
  • Project tabs: option to put project tabs on left edge of window rather than top
  • ReaPlugs: ReaControlMIDI supports channel pressure messages
  • ReaPlugs: improved use/calculation of constants throughout that might affect some win64/AMD systems
  • ReaPlugs: fixed potential for crash in ReaFIR analysis code on incorrectly-sized windows
  • ReaPlugs: safer ReaInsert audio device hooking
  • Recording: MIDI input mode with pdc-adjust respects loop end timing
  • Recording: preserve PDC monitoring properly observes i/o latency for audio
  • Routing: reduced excessive volume/pan messages being sent via MIDI sends when stopped/looping
  • Stretch markers: action to remove stretch marker at current position
  • Stretch markers: actions to navigate to next/previous/nearest stretch marker
  • Stretch markers: guide indicators when moving
  • Text rendering: fixed potential memory overflow bug, thanks JeffOS
  • Time signatures: improved beat-attached behavior when removing points .
  • Time signatures: fixed adding editing markers at zero/negative measure counts
  • Time signatures: improved adjusting media items when changing time signature denominator (related to change in 4.32)
  • Time signatures: improved behavior moving/copying regions with time signature markers .
  • Timestretch: fixed issues in 4.4x with playspeed envelopes and preserve pitch
  • Timestretch: latest AVX-enabled Windows builds of Elastique
  • Timestretch: fixed Elastique issue on some win64/AMD systems
  • Timestretch: allow non-1.0 playrates that are very close to 1.0 .
  • Track manager: fixed extra spaces being added when renaming child tracks
  • Undo: extensive optimizations and improvements
  • Undo: avoid excessive state loading when undoing changes to track order/counts
  • Undo: better reuse of undo buffers when changing track order/counts
  • Undo: improved memory use, scan for common blocks in history when adding states
  • Undo: incrementally updated RPP-UNDO files, can make for much faster save of undo history
  • VST: improved bridged embedded support for SE plug-ins (broken in 4.40)
  • VST: when mode set to not scan VST info, apply renames after updating plugins
  • Video: fixed file closing hang when using WMA files on Windows
  • WavPack: fixed crash on reading invalid wrapper chunks
  • Windows: added WMA as supported file extension
  • Windows: fixed CPU usage display working intermittently on systems with large uptimes
  • Windows: installer better handles incorrect ReWire installation states
  • Windows: topmost button activation tweaks (fixes for embedded bridged plugins and native plugins such as Kontakt)

REAPER v4.402 - April 27, 2013
A too
Downloads: Changes:
  • Sends: fixed incorrect volume blip when adding sends
  • Undo: fixed some potential crashes when removing tracks and sends

REAPER v4.401 - April 27, 2013
Downloads: Changes:
  • Autosave: do not autosave a project during playback or recording
  • Elastique: fixed possible crash on some AVX-capable processors

REAPER v4.40 - April 25, 2013
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: added PCM_Source_GetSectionInfo
  • Copy/paste: fixed paste of FX envelope points
  • Locking: improved granularity for item locking, fixes
  • MIDI recording: numerous improvements to overdub/replace recording (double notes, looped items, time selection autopunch)
  • Metronome: better overlapped sound when using a mix of click sounds and samples
  • Metronome: preserve pitch when using project playrate
  • OSX: fixed memory leak in CoreText drawing introduced in 4.32
  • OSX: improved .ini file performance/reliability
  • ReaMote: fixed some issues with high channel counts
  • ReaSamplomatic5000: improved import media item from arrange to work better with section items
  • ReaSurround: fixes when using more than 32 channels
  • ReaTune: configurable detector input including sidechain support
  • Tab transient: threshold is checked post-take/item gain
  • Timestretch: change the timing of items using convenient Stretch Markers
  • Timestretch: can create Stretch Markers via action/mouse map, or via dynamic split window
  • Timestretch: better Soundtouch output quality near beginning of streams
  • Timestretch: support for larger time expansion/compression values
  • Timestretch: updated to elastique 2.28
  • VST: improved bridging behavior with embedded windows
  • Video: preserve rotation setting when duplicating/splitting items
  • Windows: topmost button tweaks to better work with embedded bridged plug-ins

REAPER v4.33 - April 17, 2013
A moment of silence
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: added CountActionShortcuts, GetActionShortcutDesc, DeleteActionShortcut, DoActionShortcutDialo, SectionFromUniqueID, GetToggleCommandState2
  • API: added stub for old DuplicateMenu API, fixes csurf_automap support
  • AU: load factory default preset resets pin mapping to defaults .
  • Actions window: fixed copy command ID to clipboard
  • Actions: insert click source/SMPTE generators makes items without fades
  • Batch converter: fixed rendering past end of source in media items .
  • Batch converter: setting for FX tail size when applying FX
  • Batch converter: support for rendering media items that have take-fx, including tail .
  • Control surfaces: improved AlphaTrack/FaderPort following track selection via context menu clicks etc .
  • Control surfaces: improved support for jog wheels on MCU/01x
  • DDP: fix for CD-TEXT writing errors
  • DDP: fixed extra spaces being inserted into md5 file
  • Dynamic split: correctly detect take start offset/playrate changes
  • EDL: fixed pan reversal in .edl files
  • Editing behavior: default ctrl+C/ctrl+X behaviors now ignore time selection, use shift+ctrl+C/shift+ctrl+X to copy or cut respecting time selection
  • Envelope editing: alt-click to remove point no longer passes through alt-click to other mouse contexts
  • FX: build output routing reduces large lists of created tracks
  • FX: saving/renaming preset UI improved, show existing preset names and prompt to overwrite
  • File import: improved multiple file prompting
  • Freeze: basic support for position change in frozen items propagating back to frozen state
  • Freeze: save with media move/copy includes frozen media too
  • IO window: properly update send volume strings on mousewheel fader adjustment
  • IO window: sanity check pan/width values
  • Item snap offset: better behavior when in beats/position only mode
  • JS: Updated IX/MIDI_Tool II
  • JS: fixed platform-specific rounding issues, improved code generation on some platforms
  • JS: fixed some EOF issues when reading malformed text files
  • JS: improved detection of whether triggers are used by a given JS
  • JS: improved undo behavior on OSX
  • Joysticks: improved rounding consistency in scripts across platforms
  • MIDI: fixed excess noteons/noteoffs when starting overdub/replace recording to new item
  • MIDI: improved overdub/replace recording item creation behavior with loop and preroll
  • MIDI: fixed overdub/replace recording issues (full size loop option, time selection autopunch)
  • Media Explorer: inserting multiple items aligns them at the same time
  • Media import: when dragging media onto an existing media item, prompt to create a new media item or replace existing source media
  • Multiprocessing: improved anticipative FX with sends to tracks that use PDC .
  • OSC: fixed FX parameter feedback for some ReaPlugs
  • OSC: fixed certain OSC action binding issues .
  • OSX: Improved cursor behavior when mouseover on nonfocused windows
  • OSX: fix for possible crashes at shutdown
  • OSX: fixed ReaControlMIDI insertion action
  • OSX: fixed joystick support on i386
  • OSX: fixed main menu langpack support
  • OSX: fixed possible crash relating to accessibility and floating toolbars
  • OSX: improved behavior when drag and dropping large numbers of files from finder
  • OSX: improved peaks reading performance (fixed mmap file reads)
  • Project bay: added actions to insert or remove selected project bay items from project
  • Project bay: context menu action to insert media/FX into project
  • Project bay: support replacing source media with media of a different type (replace wav with mp3, etc)
  • Project bay: improved behavior when removing folders
  • Project bay: improved undo for numerous FX related actions
  • Project bay: fixed memory leak when using external bays
  • Project bay: fixed display of comment field when unretaining media
  • Project bay: reduced RAM use when loading bay state
  • ReWire: enabled ReWire options in preferences for 64-bit
  • ReaComp: fixed RMS/autorelease behavior when automated
  • ReaSurround: fixed cleared input channel names when increasing channel count .
  • ReaSurround: fixed state loading on PPC
  • ReaNINJAM: OSX chat scroll fix
  • ReaNINJAM: prevent writing corrupt clipsort.log when others use quotes in names
  • ReaNINJAM: fixed possible crash .
  • Recording: preserve PDC monitoring mode adjusts media start offset rather than item position
  • Recording: tape replace-mode using overdub/replace MIDI modes now properly matches input recording behavior
  • Region manager: updating region indices behaves more like region editor .
  • Render: added action to render using most recent render settings, but a new target file name
  • Screensets: fixed saving screenset names with spaces in project .
  • Sends: fixed issues with removing tracks that have send envelopes .
  • Stem rendering: support output samplerate conversion for stem renders
  • Take pitch envelopes: fixed click on transition to 1.0 pitch
  • Time display: fixed length rounding bug in measures/beats when displaying lengths
  • Time signature markers: fixed refresh on removal via alt+click .
  • VST: fixed shell-plugin scanning
  • Video: Added WEBM encoding/decoding, made default for encoding
  • Video: Added render option to keep the source aspect ratio
  • Video: Fix for incorrect framerate detection when using VLC decoding
  • Video: Fixed RGB colorspace when using VLC decoding on OSX
  • Video: Fixed YV12 colorspace encoding issue on OSX
  • Video: Fixed incorrect video colors on OSX with MJPEG codecs using VLC decoder
  • Video: Updated FFmpeg to latest available version (1.1.3)
  • Video: added latest LibAV (0.9.x) support
  • Video: faster loading of videos/images
  • Video: improved QuickTime audio decoding
  • Video: improved image item support, pooled fullsize images to limit RAM use, cached thumbnails
  • WALTER: fixed user font 5-8 support
  • WALTER: trans.bpm.tap.margin now can properly specify alignment
  • Waveforms: optionally fill waveform drawing to zero line
  • Windows: fixed duplicate jump list addition on saving project with subdirection creation
  • Windows: opening projects now adds them to Windows recent/jump lists

REAPER v4.32 - January 15, 2013
The Railroad Approves
Downloads: Changes:
  • Automute: option (default) to clear automutes on playback start
  • Automute: improved updating of arrange when automuting
  • FX browser: optional alternate tree/list layout (doubleclick divider to change)
  • Media items: improved new 4.30 fade shape behavior with fully overlapping items
  • Media items: avoid creating tiny media items when pencil-drawing with snap enabled
  • MIDI: improved linear painting in drum modes .
  • MIDI: fixed overdub+autopunch+preroll bug .
  • MIDI: allow pasting of MIDI events directly in arrange view (adds item, or pastes in existing item)
  • OSX: fixed play cursor artifacts with retina displays
  • OSX: new faster CoreText rendering used on 10.5+, more consistent text
  • OSX: now linked against 10.5 SDK, but with 10.4 compatibility
  • OSX: option to ignore CoreAudio reset messages (can enable for certain devices, emulates 4.22 behavior)
  • ReaStream: added localhost support for win32, improved broadcast support on OSX, improved recent host history
  • ReaVerb: fixed incorrect transition from mono to stereo signals with stereo impulses
  • ReaVerb: corrected latency immediately after samplerate change
  • Routing matrix: mouseover highlight of current position
  • Routing matrix: improved functionality with click/drag to change multiple tracks
  • Routing matrix: show MIDI inputs and outputs
  • Routing matrix: improved display of MIDI-only sends
  • Time signatures: fixed adjusting media items when changing time signature numerator .
  • Track routing dialog: improved layout when using large fonts on Windows
  • Track routing dialog: fixed parent channel not repopulating after adding sends
  • Video: added preliminary VLC support for video playback (install latest VLC for improved video decoding)
  • Video: added YV12 colorspace support for OSX, Quicktime decoding
  • Video: improved bridged-quicktime behavior with mp3 audio (ignores audio rather than crashing)

REAPER v4.31 - November 23, 2012
Choo, choo!
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: explode takes automatically clears all takes play flag
  • Actions: explode takes in place produces better lane order .
  • FX envelopes: improved behavior when moving item and automation across tracks (undo fixes, FX matching improved)
  • FX envelopes: fixed possible crash
  • LAME: fixed loading LAME DLLs from UserPlugins path .
  • MIDI: better CC/pitch/PC tracking behavior when seeking into looped items
  • MIDI: bring track CC/PC up to date from earlier items when seeking
  • MIDI: fixed note tracking on items with all takes playing .
  • MIDI: fixed item fades incorrectly making note-offs into note-ons .
  • MIDI: fixed quantize information when pasting notes preserving position in measure .
  • MIDI: fixed paste notes preserving position in measure rounding bug .
  • MIDI: hardware outputs get note-offs on track mute, master solo
  • MIDI: improved behavior for 1-sample blocks
  • Menus: fixed issues with colorthemes, and displaying marker/take/path/etc names with ampersands.
  • OSC: fixed ReaEQ bands being activated unnecessarily
  • OSX: mouse position rounding fixes .
  • Play cursor: fixed artifacts when resizing left pane on win32
  • Screensets: fixed loading of docker size/positioning states .
  • Time signatures: better handling of tempo changes when removing time from project .
  • Toolbars: fixed potential crash when using empty images
  • Toolbars: fixed difference in text icon preview vs actual toolbar

REAPER v4.30 - November 14, 2012
Next stop, Noon in Paris
Downloads: Changes:
  • License: REAPER evaluation period is now 60 days
  • About: fixed usage statistics being reset when switching between 32/64 bit
  • Actions: option to stop playback at end of loop
  • API: added PreventUIRefresh which allows scripts/plugins to disable and reenable many UI updates during processing
  • Crossfade editor: activates for selected items that are adjacent or overlapping
  • Crossfade editor: crossfades can be constrained to be equal gain or equal power
  • Crossfade editor: default mouse modifier, double-click on crossfade to open/close editor
  • Crossfade editor: new dialog for editing various parameters of crossfades
  • Crossfade editor: themeable colors for active fades
  • Cursors: new cursors for resizing the extended mixer (extmix_resize, extmix_multiresize, extmix_allresize, extmix_section_resize, extmix_multisection_resize, extmix_allsection_resize)
  • Cursors: support for colors in custom cursor images
  • DDP: fixed MD5 generation on OSX 64
  • Fades/crossfades: new S-curve fade shape
  • Fades/crossfades: changing crossfade shape via right-click menu affects all selected crossfades
  • Fades/crossfades: default crossfade shape is equal power (existing projects are unchanged)
  • Fades/crossfades: fade curvature can be edited via mouse modifier, media item properties, or crossfade editor
  • Fades/crossfades: new cursors for fade/crossfade curvature, crossfade width adjustment
  • FX: improved threadsafety in certain instances
  • Grouping: doubleclicking track vol/pan/width labels now resets using grouping/ganging
  • Grouping: improved volume fader grouping behavior when some faders are at -inf
  • Item mouse hit zones: allow mouse to target buttons and fades even if another media item is overlapping
  • Item mouse hit zones: mouse targets the fade curve by default (can be disabled in preferences)
  • Item mouse hit zones: option to always show fade-in/fade-out handles
  • JS: improved font display on win32
  • JS: reduced fx initialization interrupting audio
  • LAME: support loading LAME DLLs from UserPlugins path, improved prompting
  • MIDI inline editor: fixed buttons when zoomed in
  • MIDI: fixed items that would not play in certain rounding instances
  • Mouse modifiers: added behavior to move item contents and ripple adjacent items
  • Mouse modifiers: new action to adjust length of two fades keeping intersection point constant
  • Mouse modifiers: new context for fade intersections
  • Mouse modifiers: support optional snapping for all fade/crossfade behaviors
  • OSC: fixed FX parameter feedback for inactive tracks
  • OSX: fix for render-drag problems with external drives
  • OSX: REAPER.app and ReaMote.app now have signatures for OSX 10.8
  • OSX: render-drag to a new file outside of REAPER (commdand+opt by default) prompts before overwriting an existing file
  • Pan: track pan value can be manually entered in track controls dialog
  • Pans: manually entered values like "R50" and "L25" are accepted, in addition to "50%R" and "25%L"
  • Project bay: fixed loading of bays in certain instances
  • Project save: support for adding multiple project versions to rpp-bak files, choosing version on load
  • ReaControlMIDI: automation support for enabling/disabling bank/program select and CC sliders
  • Render: fixed saving render presets in different categories (bounds, output, all settings)
  • ReWire: further improved shutdown/device unload sequence to better handle panels that prompt before exiting
  • Routing windows: space passes through to main actions, for keyboard navigation use shift+space
  • Sends: volume/pan values can be manually entered in I/O dialog
  • Snap to grid: don't snap to grid lines that are more than 1/4 screen width away
  • Tempo envelope: more consistent behavior when adding/deleting tempo markers when project timebase is beats
  • Toolbars: fixed crash when using certain strings as custom toolbar button text
  • Video: improved rendering accuracy near end of render when using resampling
  • VST: fixed audioMasterTempoAt accuracy in certain instances
  • Windows: installers now have authenticode signatures

REAPER v4.261 - August 21, 2012
whole lotta misc
Downloads: Changes:
  • AU: improved support for factory presets existing in subpaths (UBK-1, etc)
  • CoreAudio: fixed aggregate device support (broken in 4.26 with intermittent availability support)
  • Render: avoid colliding filenames when adding to the render queue
  • ReWire: improved shutdown sequence to avoid hanging panels

REAPER v4.26 - August 17, 2012
whole lotta misc
Downloads: Changes:
  • Action dialog: fixed incorrect sort in certain instances
  • Actions: Fixed undo state tracking for item-lane move actions
  • API: added function to get or insert FX by name
  • API: added functions to count, get, and set tempo/time signature markers
  • Arrange display: cleaned up drawing code, removed preference options for full vs track buffering, non-themed play cursors
  • AU: fixed generic UI for large parameter counts
  • ASIO: support for sampleRateChanged notifications, improved behavior when changing sample rate
  • Batch converter: automatically create output directories
  • Batch converter: fixed incorrect lengths when using FX processing
  • Batch converter: small fixes, including working stop button, better saving of format string
  • Batch converter: support for running REAPER with batch converter from the command line
  • CoreAudio: preliminary support for devices with intermittent availability (such as network devices)
  • Dock: alt+click or middle click tabs to close (when possible)
  • Dock: close buttons for docker tabs are now optional (via prefs or dock menu)
  • Dock: improved dock window titles for single-tab floating docks
  • FX: improved mutex locking to help prevent possible deadlocks with certain plugins
  • Item images: improved formatting/display of item images/inserted pictures/etc
  • Item notes window: remembers last window position
  • JS: fixed sliderchange notification support for high slider counts
  • Language packs: safer UTF-8 importing
  • MIDI: avoid retriggering notes when tempo changes
  • Mouse modifiers: fixed behaviors to select media item and extend time selection
  • OSC: added explicit volume/pan automation touch messages
  • OSC: basic support for touch automation
  • Play cursor: reduced flicker
  • Project timebase: added action to show project timebase explanation/help
  • ReaControlMIDI: transpose, snap to scale can be automated or mapped to control surface
  • ReaEQ/ReaControlMIDI: actions to insert these FX will open/close the FX if it is already inserted
  • ReaInsert: improved MIDI output accuracy when playback looped
  • ReaMote: ReaMote64.app no longer requires REAPER.app, just REAPER64.app
  • ReaScript: support for passwords in RPR_GetUserInputs (when the first character of the caption is "*")
  • Render: added actions to immediately queue or render the project using the most recent render settings
  • Render: added project setting for default media format for project/region render
  • Tempo envelope: project setting for tempo envelope timebase (beats or time, default beats)
  • Time display: fixed display of lengths in measures/beats
  • Timecode generation: improved precision of MTC full frame messages during seeks
  • Timecode synchronization: improved use of latency compensation information
  • Topmost pins: improved behavior on application activate/deactivate (Windows)
  • Video: Added button in render dialog to grab the current video file's width/height/framerate
  • Video: Added FFMPEG DLL path info in video file properties dialog
  • Video: fixed incorrect timestamp on certain video files when using FFMPEG libraries
  • Video: performance tweaks
  • Video: support for latest FFMPEG versions: please try latest binaries from http://aegiscorp.free.fr/ffmpeg/
  • VST: fixed SysEx support for bridged plug-ins
  • VST: fixed possible deadlock that could occur with UAD plug-ins
  • VST: hopefully fixed embedded mode bridging draw bugs
  • VST: improved bridging keyboard behavior in embedded mode (to prevent deadlock)
  • VST: fixed generic UI for large parameter counts
  • VST: improved bridging support for plug-ins that use audioMasterProcessEvents from other threads (Korg MS-20)
  • Windows: fixed some very small memory leaks, unsafe code

REAPER v4.25 - July 12, 2012
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: added action to insert ReaEQ on a track, get/set ReaEQ parameters
  • Actions: fixed action to insert time and paste items
  • Actions: added actions to toggle playback and record preroll
  • API: added CreateNewMIDIItemInProject function
  • API: added function to insert tempo/time signature changes
  • AU: fix for Waves loading crashes
  • AU: support for plug-ins that receive MIDI sysex
  • Crossfades: fixed unwanted creation of crossfade when editing the other edge of a media item
  • DDP support: improvements (MD5, CD-TEXT support, UTF-8/ascii conversion)
  • Colortheme: tweaks to default theme
  • Envelopes: fixed persistence of preference to reset automation mode after writing automation
  • EULA: amended to make it clear that developing and selling plug-ins and extensions is allowed
  • External editors: dedicated action for opening associated projects in REAPER
  • External editors: improved external editor display/running logic, associated project references are fallbacks rather than prioritized
  • Faster REAPER shutdown process (can also reduce crashes on exit on OSX)
  • Freeze: fixed support for freeze in undo states (broken since 4.20)
  • FX envelopes: store special flag for wet/bypass envelopes in case plug-in parameter counts change
  • FX learn: support for toggle mode (toggle an FX parameter on/off with a single mapping)
  • JS: better support for UTF-8 filenames
  • JS: fixed bug where increasing track channels during playback with PDC-JS could cause dropouts
  • JS: fixed loop() behavior with negative counts on x86-64
  • JS: fixed some unuseful order of operation behaviors relating to certain operators
  • JS: import file support for code usability (use .jsfx-inc, these files will not be shown in the FX browser)
  • JS: for .jsfx-inc files, just use @init with functions plus any global initialization needed
  • JS: import can also be used to import other FX and provide the ability to override individual code sections
  • JS: improved code generation, most JS FX should now run substantially faster
  • JS: improved handling of doubleclicks in @gfx
  • JS: improved sizing behavior on OSX
  • JS: improvements to JSFX IDE/editor
  • JS: sent/received MIDI messages are now forced to be sorted by time
  • JS: support for new language constructs (functions, object-namespaces, xor operations, etc)
  • LTC generator: support for 23.976fps (though this is nonstandard)
  • MIDI editor: zoom behavior fixes in certain instances
  • MIDI loop recording: MIDI recording within a time selection optionally creates a selection-length media item
  • MIDI note properties: accepts manual note input (not just using the dropdown)
  • MIDI: optimizations to MIDI item processing when using large blocks with lots of tempo changes
  • Navigator: do not show tempo changes (only time signature markers are displayed)
  • OSC: support for older client implementations when handling messages with no arguments
  • OSC: support for track EQ parameters and feedback
  • OSX: fixed a menu related bug for older OSX versions
  • Playback seek: settings moved to new Preferences/Audio/Seeking page
  • Preferences: split Envelopes page into separate Envelope Display and Automation Behavior pages
  • Region/Marker Manager: edit marker/region numbers, start, end, length in place in the list view
  • Region/Marker Manager: support for importing/exporting csv file, exporting txt description
  • Regions: actions to go to another region after the current region finishes playing (smooth seek)
  • Regions: fixed action to delete region near cursor
  • Scrolling: option for continuous scrolling during playback
  • Take lanes: action to collapse empty take lanes
  • Take lanes: do not create unnecessary extra take lanes when punching in
  • Tempo envelope: action/dialog to adjust entire tempo map to a target tempo
  • Tempo envelope: default project timebase is now beats (existing projects are not affected)
  • Tempo envelope: disallowed freehand drawing for the master tempo envelope
  • Tempo envelope: disallowed moving one tempo/time signature marker past another
  • Tempo envelope: easier marquee/selection of master tempo envelope points
  • Tempo envelope: editing multiple points at once applies the change proportionally (not +/- constant BPM)
  • Tempo envelope: markers are always pinned to beat position rather than time
  • Tempo envelope: per-marker setting for allowing a partial measure prior to the marker
  • Tempo envelope: playback position obeys project timebase (time or beats) when user edits project tempo during playback
  • Tempo envelope: saner manual editing of tempo changes when "gradually transition tempo" is enabled
  • Tempo envelope: visual BPM range of envelope can be configured
  • Tempo envelope: visual display of time signature change points is different from tempo change points
  • Time signatures: manual editing requires them to be placed at the start of a measure
  • Time signatures: automatically correct time signatures when adding/removing partial measures from the project
  • Time signatures: time signature changes that truncate the previous measure are displayed in the ruler with an asterisk
  • Time signatures: with snap disabled, moving time signature markers will optionally modify the preceding tempo
  • Time signatures: with snap enabled, time signature changes snap to bars, tempo changes snap to grid
  • Toolbars: improved double-width toolbar button image scaling
  • WALTER: support for knob bitmap stacks
  • WALTER: theme layout lines can end in backslash to extend statement to next line
  • WALTER: transport status better supports layout images
  • WALTER: user-defined font support, other improvements
  • WINE: fixed support for non-conforming CallWindowProcW (still calls ASCII combobox wndproc when passed, unlike Win7/XP)

REAPER v4.22 - April 5, 2012
A little love
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: plug-in state api now supports larger configuration chunks (up to 8MB or so)
  • Envelopes: improved tooltip labeling for FX parameters
  • Improved support for international characters in many places (EDL import/export, system path definitions, etc)
  • Items: fixed volume labels when invert item phase is set
  • JS: fixed incorrect MIDI bus handling
  • JS: fixed (low) limit on expression size
  • OSC: fixed action messages
  • OSX: fixed large FX preset reading
  • OSX: improved support for non-US keyboards
  • ReaTune: fixed bugs in correction from 4.20/4.21

REAPER v4.21 - March 23, 2012
Contact and one
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: added action to insert time and paste items
  • Control surfaces: fixed solo following solo-in-place preference (broken in 4.20)
  • Control surfaces: fixed possible crash in certain instances (AlphaTrack, etc)
  • Control surfaces: improved AlphaTrack automation behavior with pan knob
  • Cues: ensure correct rendering of .wav cues that belong at the exact start/end of the file
  • MIDI: fixed MIDI pools when opening multiple copies of the same project in different project tabs
  • OSC: fixed initial FX wet/dry feedback
  • OSC: support for opening/closing FX UI windows
  • Project bay: fixed autoretain of deleted items in certain instances
  • ReaScript/API: export added extension API functions to ReaScript function table
  • Recording: fixed item end alignment when recording looped in loop selection
  • Recording: when using MIDI input, input FX, and recording audio, improved latency calculation
  • Transient detection: navigation by transient now is view independent, option for old behavior
    All of the updates from 4.20 -- view the full 4.20 changelog.

REAPER v4.20 - March 20, 2012
Towelie approves
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: support full continuous controller range for actions to set track FX parameters
  • APE: no longer including APE support in REAPER, separate download will be available for Win32/Win64
  • API: many new functions for FX presets, open/close UI, bypass, sends/receives, tempo
  • API: many new functions for control surface support, scroll/zoom, track visibility, mixer scrolling
  • API: access media item text notes via GetSetMediaItemInfo()
  • API: register OSC clients for 2-way communication
  • API: GetSetObjectState() locking improvements for less audio interruption
  • AU: support for generator AUs (such as AUNetReceive)
  • Custom action editor: faster list updating when filtering
  • Dynamic split: prevent creating MIDI notes with velocity more than 127
  • FLAC: fixed seeking after error on FLAC files, fixes problems where FLAC drops out in certain instances
  • Freeze/Render: better behavior when rendering multiple files
  • Freeze: better subsample alignment of frozen items
  • Freeze: by default only the media items plus FX tail length setting are rendered, with options for other behavior
  • Freeze: fixed possible undo corruption of freeze states after reordering tracks
  • Freeze: fixed warning when unfreezing after editing frozen track
  • Freeze: freezing tracks clears track polarity, unfreezing restores
  • Glue: avoid leaving tiny shards of items in certain instances
  • Glue: use audio device blocksize for better compatibility with take FX
  • Input FX: fixed glitches when looping
  • Item fades: right-click to change fade shape applies to all selected/grouped items by default
  • Item properties: option to apply changes after 2 seconds of inactivity
  • Item properties: fixed normalization outside of fader range via normalize button
  • JS: fixed possible crashes on preset load with pin mappings set
  • JS: fixed preset saving for JSFX that use @serialize
  • List views: show arrow in header to indicate sort column and direction
  • Live FX multiprocessing: slight performance improvements when using large track counts
  • Localization: localization support (see the REAPER langpack reference for more information)
  • Localization: configuration (prefs/general) for language pack selection, optional prompt on startup
  • Master track: save custom master track color with project
  • Media explorer: preliminary media database support (right click in shortcut list to create/manage databases)
  • Media explorer: native view remembers column widths
  • Media explorer: support for binding MIDI/OSC to media explorer actions
  • Media items: improved consistency of fade and item edge timing
  • Memory warnings: better default values (32 bit on Win64/OSX have higher defaults)
  • MIDI editor: fixed actions to move notes one semitone when hiding note rows and snapping to scale
  • MIDI editor: fixed swing grid when using odd time signatures
  • MIDI file import: fixed bug when importing tempo maps with frequent tempo changes
  • MIDI file import: properly handle snapping odd-numbered 8th-note time signatures
  • MIDI buses: now supporting up to 16 buses per track (main bus and 15 auxiliary buses)
  • MIDI buses: track send panels allow choosing source, destination buses
  • MIDI buses: bus support for VST/AU/ReWire, JS (to use in JS, set ext_midi_bus=1 in @init, then midi_bus is used for bus indices)
  • Mouse modifiers: fixed autoseek on click when left-drag customized to marquee select
  • OSC: control surface support
  • OSC: default REAPER-specific controller specification, plus user-configurable pattern mapping
  • OSC: optional support for binding OSC messages to REAPER actions and FX learn
  • OSC: please see the REAPER OSC reference for more information
  • OSX: fixed focus-related issues when setting default text selections
  • OSX: fullscreen mode auto-hides menu, hides dock on 10.6+ (pref to auto-hide dock in prefs/general/advanced)
  • OSX: possible stability improvements in certain instances (IsWindow() improvements)
  • OSX: compatibility fixes for Mountain Lion beta
  • OSX: show error and keep device closed when unable to open a CoreAudio device
  • Performance meter: optimizations
  • Pitch shifters: reduced excessive flushing/improved performance on certain items
  • Pitch shifters: workaround for Elastique quality bug when using very short items
  • Preferences: fixed changing default project template
  • Project load: can be aborted on memory warning or missing media
  • Reasamplomatic: improved support for UTF-8 filenames
  • ReaScript: added function to send a simple OSC message to REAPER
  • ReaScript: increased maximum returned string length to 4MB
  • ReaScript: special Python handling for GetAudioAccessorSamples (support examining audio samples directly)
  • ReaTune: fixed overlap for offline analysis, other improvements
  • ReaTune: removed buffer mode configuration; PDC is always used when correction enabled, not used otherwise
  • ReaTune: when in analysis-only mode (tuner), offload processing to GUI thread for better performance
  • Record input menu: support for assigning inputs for all selected tracks
  • Record input menu: support for assigning sequential inputs for selected tracks
  • Region manager: avoid autoseek when selecting multiple items, clicking color/render columns
  • Region manager: selecting a marker/region scrolls it into view, if option enabled
  • Render dialog: improved focus setting on open
  • Screensets: fixed changing of autosave flags
  • Slip editing: improved sample-snap behavior
  • Take FX: take FX output is constrained to item+tail (for using tone generators, etc)
  • TCP/mixer: better autoscroll behavior
  • Toolbars: fixed actions to open floating toolbars 5-8 at mouse cursor
  • Track manager: right click in record arm column allows changing record settings
  • Track paste: do not offset by edit cursor when offset option for track template import is set
  • Track selection: do not select hidden tracks when shift+click selecting a range of tracks
  • Track/region manager: fixed color display bug
  • Undo: improved updating of various views when loading undo states via history
  • VST/AU: ensure that full FX state is saved with projects/templates
  • VST: bridging now supports SysEx to/from plug-ins
  • VST: fixed support for plug-ins with more than 64 inputs or outputs (Halion4)
  • WALTER: added new theme images master_mcp_io and master_tcp_io for master track
  • WALTER: added trans.sel.color, trans.curtimesig.color, made trans.rate.color affect both rate label and rate text
  • WALTER: fixed some overlay redraw issues
  • WAV writing: support for embedding cues from project markers, regions, or both

REAPER v4.151 - January 26, 2012
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Downloads: Changes:
  • OSX: fixed support for 10.4 (broken in 4.15)
  • ReWire: fixes for older versions of ReWire.bundle installed
  • ReWire: do not install ReWire.bundle v2.6 on OSX 10.4 (since it does not work there)
  • ReWire: (to correct ReWire not working on 10.4 after 4.15, remove /Library/Application Support/Propellerhead Software/ReWire/ReWire.bundle, then run REAPER 4.151/ppc to install correct version of ReWire.bundle)

REAPER v4.15 - January 15, 2012
The Grasshopper Lies Heavy
Downloads: Changes:
  • API: added simple functions to safely access take and track audio
  • API: extensions and ReaScript can store/restore simple global state (GetExtState, SetExtState, etc)
  • API: extensions can add functions to ReaScript
  • AU: fixed wet/dry control on default pin mappings
  • Actions: relative item positions are preserved when moving item start or end
  • Auto recarm: faster changing of recarm state when operating on many tracks
  • Bridging: avoid unnecessary delays when bridge process failed to launch
  • Bridging: OSX support for bridging/firewalling 64 bit VST/AU
  • Config import/export: UI improvement, added sections for chanmaps, scripts, menusets
  • Control surfaces: don't create undo points when any surface has touch state set
  • Envelope editing: fixed envelope point selection following time selection when option disabled
  • Filters: support for NOT and OR keywords (upper case, ORs have lowest precedence, so a b OR c d NOT e means (a and b) or (c and d and not e)
  • Freeze: fixed actions to freeze through last selected FX
  • MIDI editor: fixed hang when entering grid size of zero
  • Media item properties: immediately update properties window on apply
  • Memory metering: improved Win32 memory meter accuracy
  • Memory metering: option (enabled by default on 32 bit) to warn when memory use is high
  • Mixer: action to show/hide children of selected folder tracks
  • Parameter modulation: fixed switching between tempo-synced and unsynced LFO
  • Parameter modulation: no minimum or maximum for typed-in LFO speed
  • Project bay: fixed action to force refresh
  • Project bay: list offline FX
  • Project bay: option to zoom/scroll to selected items when mirroring selection
  • Project bay: right-click header to show/hide columns
  • Project bay: usage menu selects and scrolls to media items
  • ReWire: updated to ReWire 2.6
  • ReWire: OSX and Win64 now install ReWire libraries if necessary
  • ReWire: support for loading 64 bit ReWire devices
  • ReWire: support for running 64 bit REAPER as ReWire slave (requires 64 bit host app, for now at least)
  • ReaScript: Python loading improvements
  • ReaScript: separate custom path preferences for 32-bit and 64-bit REAPER
  • ReaTune: clear/update analysis on demand in the manual correction tab
  • Region manager: delete key removes regions
  • Region manager: display time in project timeline format
  • Region manager: edit region/marker names in place
  • Region manager: optionally display project markers
  • Region manager: right-click header to show/hide columns
  • Region manager: seek when selecting a marker or region (optional)
  • Regions: improved timesignature handling when duplicating regions
  • Render dialog: remembers last window position
  • Render dialog: saves changes even if window closed without rendering
  • Screensets: update track manager when switching track views
  • Screensets: save/load TCP visibility with track views
  • TCP/Mixer: immediate feedback when sweep recarm/mute/solo controls across multiple tracks
  • TCP/Mixer: sweeping mute/solo/record-arm respects grouping (shift held overrides)
  • TCP/Mixer: sweeping record-arm buttons clears track auto-recarm state on mouseup
  • Take lanes: option to display empty lanes is now global, not per-project
  • Track manager: double-click track number to scroll track into view
  • Track manager: MIDI column (double-click to open all track MIDI in editor)
  • Track manager: action to delete selected tracks (via menu or delete key)
  • Track manager: changing record-arm state clears track auto-recarm
  • Track manager: doubleclick on toggle columns works properly
  • Track manager: drag tracks in manager to rearrange tracks in project (optional)
  • Track manager: fixed remembering previous window location on OSX
  • Track manager: if track MIDI is already open, double-click MIDI column to close
  • Track manager: mute/solo/record-arm changes respect grouping (shift held overrides)
  • Track manager: option for filter to hide child tracks only if the folder parent is hidden
  • Track manager: option to auto-scroll to selected track when mirroring selection
  • Track manager: right-click FX column to open individual track FX
  • Track manager: right-click header to show/hide columns
  • Track manager: set last touched track when selecting from the track manager
  • Track manager: set track colors
  • Track recording settings window: fixed potential crash under certain instances
  • Track templates: support for saving envelopes in templates
  • Track templates: option to offset imported template items (and envelopes) by edit cursor
  • VST: fix for saving presets for plugins with non-automatable parameters
  • Windows: 64-bit build now compiled with ICC
  • Windows: better ASIO device selection when running both 32-bit and 64-bit REAPER on the same machine

REAPER v4.14 - December 18, 2011
Keeping you warm, all night
Downloads: Changes:
  • Audio Units: improved support for plug-ins that use unordered parameter IDs
  • Envelopes: added option to not show affected envelopes when moving items across tracks
  • Grid navigation: fixed for ts changes and larger grid divisions
  • JS: updated IX effects
  • Media buffering: option for lower buffer size when per-take FX open (to reduce visual lag)
  • Media explorer: option to go to next item at end of preview
  • Media item fades: optional handles for editing fades when the media item is small
  • MIDI: improved merging of multiple MIDI sources (glue, receives, record output)
  • MIDI: looped overdub recording fix for crash bug (issue ID 3807)
  • MIDI editor: actions to remove trailing (or all) notes of less than a certain length
  • MIDI editor: fixed odd behavior when option enabled to snap notes to the left
  • Mouse modifiers: adjust envelope bezier curvature for all selected points at once
  • Mouse modifiers: fix for painting a straight line of notes over an existing note
  • Mouse modifiers: select all MIDI notes touched while dragging (ctrl+alt+right-drag by default)
  • ReaScript/API: fix for getting track mute and selected state
  • ReaScript: overhaul, many internal changes
  • ReaScript: Perl support removed for now
  • ReaScript: Perl support will come back when/if http://gitorious.org/perl-ctypes is completed
  • ReaScript: see Help/HTML lists/ReaScript documentation for more information
  • ReaScript: better error reporting
  • ReaScript: more flexible Python support, should work with almost any version of Python on any platform
  • ReaScript: set current script directory as start of path (look for modules there first)
  • ReaScript: support for importing one ReaScript module into another
  • ReaScript: support for setting a custom external editor for .py files (Preferences/External Editors)
  • ReaTune: new instances on per-take FX will operate in item-space rather than in project-space
  • ReaTune: resizable user interface, many UI improvements
  • Regions: improved handling of envelopes when moving/copying regions
  • Ripple editing: improved handling of envelope points, MIDI items, tempo changes when removing time
  • Ruler: improved display relating to time signature markers and tempo ramps
  • Tempo maps: improved tempo map editing behavior
  • Theming: button overlay images now inherit scaling attributes from the underlying button image
  • Theming: WALTER added reaper_version (example: 414) and mcp_maxfolderdepth
  • Time maps: fixed snapping bugs with ramped tempos and varying time signatures
  • Video: improved video frame display speed when seeking
  • VST: allow loading of OSX GRM plug-ins version 3.1.1 or higher (earlier versions crash)
  • VST: fix for occasional blank UI for Celemony plugins

REAPER v4.13 - November 21, 2011
Happy happy lions
Downloads: Changes:
  • Bridging: fixed effSetSpeakerArrangement on bridged plug-ins
  • OSX: fixed linked framework versioning for certain plug-ins on Lion
  • OSX: tweaked startup sequence to avoid stalling after scanning VSTs that have UI on scan
  • OSX: special case for iZotope Trash VST UI not working

REAPER v4.12 - November 19, 2011
Evened out like cake.
Downloads: Changes:
  • FX browser: fixed folder case sensitivity issue
  • FX bypass: update checkboxes for all FX in chain during bypass automation
  • MIDI: fixed sending noteoffs in certain loop instances
  • MIDI: fixed bug when importing MIDI files with time signature changes not on whole bars
  • OSX: listview column resize behavior now matches that of Windows (no autoresize)
  • Render dialog: avoid adding extraneous extensions on file browse
  • Toolbars: fixed icon loading bugs, added default icon setting for toolbar editor
  • Track send window: better multichannel hardware output labels
  • Video: potential priority inversion/deadlock fix
  • Window top pin buttons: potential fix for leftover pin buttons
  • API: added GetTrackColor, SetTrackColor

REAPER v4.111 - November 13, 2011
A day late, maybe, but worth the wait
Downloads: Changes:
  • 4.111: OSX64/Win64 stability fix (4.11 32 bit versions are identical to 4.111)
  • Actions window: color of group control text uses theming
  • AU: more default preset loading, aupreset export support
  • Freeze: corrected functionality when using playspeed/playspeed envelopes
  • FX bypass: fixed recording bypass automation
  • JS: fixed IX/MIDI_Tool to not fudge timings
  • JS: now supports << and >> (bitwise shift) operators -- note parameters are converted to integer so 3.4 << 2 == 12, etc
  • Media explorer: native view can be switched to list view from details on Windows
  • Media items: option to show a volume knob, rather than dragging the top edge of the item
  • Media items: optionally display item/take gain alongside pitch and playrate
  • Media items: better behavior when doubleclicking item buttons, other things
  • Metronome/click source: default click sound start sync configuration (hard, soft, old deprecated)
  • MIDI: fixed sending of excess pitch/note/cc resets on loop
  • MIDI: never pool MIDI source data when duplicating takes within the same media item
  • MIDI: display MIDI notes while recording in regular track input mode
  • MIDI recording: better support for disabling latency compensation
  • MIDI recording: recording to end of loop extends events to end regardless of latency compensation
  • MIDI recording: in overdub/replace recording, auto input monitoring controls whether notes are monitored outside of punch regions
  • MIDI recording: improved note tracking for looped record-input mode
  • MIDI recording: added latch-replace recording mode
  • MIDI recording: minor reorganization of track record menu
  • MIDI recording: in overdub/replace, do not display recorded item until MIDI input is detected, unless recording starts at the start of the loop selection
  • MIDI recording: better handling of time selection punches (do not extend items outside of the punch area)
  • MIDI recording: monitoring of MIDI in overdub/replace matches punch behavior in other modes
  • MIDI editor: fixed triplet/dotted grid display when zoomed out
  • MIDI editor: vertical drag of bank/program select event scrolls through programs in that bank
  • MIDI editor: vertical CC edit does not affect selected CC in other lanes
  • MIDI editor: fixed/optimized some behaviors when using ghost items or file based items
  • MIDI editor: allow sweep-editing program change and bank select messages just like any other CC
  • MIDI editor: allow editing velocity for notes that start slightly before the visible edge of the media item
  • MIDI editor: fixed conflict with some combinations of mouse modifiers for scrub and insert notes
  • MIDI editor: fixed set time selection to notes in list editor
  • MIDI editor: reduced flicker after selection change in list editor
  • MIDI editor: improved undo messages for some actions, fixed zoom one loop interation action
  • Mouse modifiers: fixed envelope lane click behaviors when left-drag is set to marquee select
  • OSX: fixed dropping media files onto TCP
  • OSX: fixed custom actions dialog issue
  • OSX: mousewheel fix for Carbon plugins and plugin spawned utility windows
  • OSX: improved GUID generation, should fix MIDI pooling errors
  • Pre-roll: MIDI note tracking (notes held in preroll are played/recorded at the record time)
  • Pre-roll: disabled looping while in preroll
  • Project bay: fixed display of FX presets
  • ReaComp: corrected sound when first processing after reset and a preset load
  • Render dialog: fixed possible crash with certain presets
  • Regions: added action to create a separate region for each selected media item (useful for batch renders)
  • ReaControlMIDI: fixed MIDI jitter when transposing
  • Theme: various list/tree windows can now have their colors configured, separate theme elements for MIDI list editor
  • Theme: new (themable) appearance of project bay and screenset tabs
  • Time display: fixed occasional rounding issue
  • UI: improved handling of reshowing mouse cursors on knobs
  • Video: updated bundled FFmpeg librairies to latest version (v53)
  • Video: video support now obeys track mute envelopes -- can now edit video effectively using mute envelopes
  • Video: improved QuickTime audio decoding compatibility on Windows
  • Video: experimental support for QuickTime decoding on OSX64 and Win64 via bridge
  • VST: corrected speaker arrangement notification for 64 channel plug-ins
  • VST: fix for large channel counts on Win32 (compiler bug)
  • VST: added support for VST effSetSpeakerArrangement and offline processing notification when bridged
  • WASAPI: improved 24 bit exclusive mode compatibility
  • Wavpack: fixed decoding of single-block wavpack files failing in certain instances (Wavpack bug)

REAPER v4.10 - September 30, 2011
Ice cold
Downloads: Changes:
  • Actions: toggle multichannel track metering, now in track menu
  • API: added SetProjectMarker3() and AddProjectMarker2() for setting custom marker colors
  • API: threading fixes for GetSetObjectState() and other related APIs
  • Directory cleanup: now looks for media references in project bay media items
  • Envelopes: fixed editing point values for FX wet/dry envelopes
  • Envelopes: pitch envelopes snap configuration (1 semitone, 50 cent, 25 cent, 10 cent, 5 cent, 1 cent, off)
  • Fades/crossfades: prevent unintentional crossfade edits when media items are adjacent but not crossfaded
  • FX: fixed possible excess midi notes on loop when PDC FX are used
  • FX: improved undo state tracking when copying/moving FX between tracks
  • FX: if project samplerate set and loading project, try to initialize loaded plug-ins at correct rate (avoid later reinit)
  • FX: pin mappings are now stored more safely, fix for possible race conditions
  • Freeze: actions to render tracks in-place with FX, then save/remove existing media and online FX
  • Freeze: menu actions in FX chain window to freeze track up to last selected FX
  • Grouping: fix for rare item group reuse bug
  • Media explorer: fixed crash issue when group policy prevented embedded explorer (falls back to non-explorer view)
  • Metering: new multichannel tracks default to multichannel metering enabled
  • Metering: master multichannel metering is now optional
  • Mixer: scroll improvements/fixes
  • Mixer: opening/unhiding mixer now makes last selected track visible
  • Mixer: restore undocked mixer window position in docked screensets
  • MIDI: use MIDI track name event when importing files
  • MIDI files: options to automatically snap time signature changes, tempo changes on file import
  • MIDI editor: switching sources via filter window no longer unhides all other sources
  • MIDI editor: undo fixes, especially related to list editor
  • MIDI editor: improved list view default focus, toolbar focus
  • MIDI editor: note properties fixed reset of combo boxes on multiple note selection
  • MIDI editor: inline editor marquee fix
  • MIDI editor: fixed bug when quantizing notes that were drawn in (not painted or recorded)
  • MIDI editor: fixed context menu doubleness when clicking above piano keys
  • MIDI editor: support painting notes in drum mode with very small grid
  • MIDI editor: step recording works when docked
  • Mouse modifiers: support ripple edit (off, one track, all tracks) while moving items
  • Mouse modifiers: import/export mouse modifier support (.ReaperMouseMap files)
  • Mouse modifiers: obey user preferences to seek playback when middle clicking ruler or arrange view
  • OSX: better behavior when using modal windows (such as save as with convert) when REAPER inactive
  • Playback: corrected minor rounding bug on playback start in certain instances
  • Relative snap: avoid clearing snap offset when copying media items
  • Render: new user setting for tail length to use in project render, stem render, track freeze
  • Render: fixed certain issues with filename wildcards
  • Scale finder: button to use selected notes in MIDI editor
  • Scale finder: added topmost window pin
  • Scrub/jog: don't snap edit cursor
  • Sends: shift+drag IO from unselected track to selected uses all selected tracks as receivers
  • SRC: fixed quality/synchronization issue (4.0x regression)
  • Toolbars: store toolbar assignments in screensets
  • Topmost pin buttons: bug fixes, buttons now remember their last states (based on window title)
  • Track manager, region manager, project bay: columns can be reordered
  • Track manager: added freeze column/button
  • Undo history: improved keyboard behavior (return loads state, escape when docked sets focus to arrange, other keys passed through to main)
  • Vertical zooming: scrollbar fixes, better behavior
  • Video: improved rendering accuracy, support for rendering with playrates
  • Video: hide topmost pin when going fullscreen
  • Video: updated API to support the newest FFmpeg/libav version (v53)
  • VST: support effSetSpeakerArrangement notifications for plug-ins

REAPER v4.02 - August 22, 2011
Mouse modifier magnificence
Downloads: Changes:
  • Count-in: follow tempo and time signature at play start position, not prior to it
  • Directory cleanup: ignore files that are retained in project bays
  • Envelopes: allow editing initial envelope point regardless of editing preferences
  • Envelopes: option to add transition point when recording automation while playback is stopped
  • Envelopes: clicking on an envelope point no longer seeks playback
  • MIDI: fixed stuck notes when looping
  • MIDI: renaming one pooled take renames all pooled takes
  • MIDI editor: fixed bad behavior when drawing over existing CC events with snap enabled
  • MIDI editor: fixed horizontal zoom with mouse cursor center, when using project-synced timebase
  • MIDI editor: avoid accidental time selections in ruler
  • MIDI editor: support negative swing quantize
  • MIDI editor: fixed possible oddness when editing CC with auto-select CC enabled
  • Media explorer: added action to close media explorer
  • Mouse modifiers: support draw/edit/ramp CC events when starting the edit over a CC event
  • Mouse modifiers: added contexts for arrange view middle-click, middle-drag, edit cursor handle
  • Mouse modifiers: many new options for marquee zoom, restore zoom, browser scroll, scrub/jog behaviors
  • Mouse modifiers: better preservation of pre-existing user customizations
  • Mouse modifiers: behaviors to move item edge without changing fade-in end or fade-out start time
  • Mouse modifiers: better behavior when assigning mouse click to actions like "move item to cursor"
  • Mouse modifiers: control+right-click creates a time selection by default (as in 3.x)
  • Nudge: actions to nudge item contents apply only to the active take (similar to slip editing)
  • Slip editing: fix for possible hang
  • Scrub: avoid senseless jogs after edit cursor moves
  • Project settings: reorganization, more sensible layout hopefully
  • Project settings: added track mixing bit depth configuration
  • Project bay: use file resolving when loading retained items
  • Project bay: show error message when move/copy file fails because the target file already exists
  • Project bay: list tracks by name
  • Project bay: fixed drag/render-drag of multiple items on OSX
  • ReaSurround: continue to increase FX IO count when dragging IO from tracks
  • Render queue: fixed display of time-selection renders
  • Samplitude EDL: support for offsets/lengths greater than 2 billion samples
  • Stem rendering: faster, does not process irrelevant tracks, option in prefs/rendering for old behavior
  • Volume displays: fixed display of certain gain values in default theme
  • VST: fixed preset selection when there are multiple factory presets with the same name
  • Windows Aero: keep always on top pins out of window list when REAPER non-responsive
  • Zoom/scroll: now has a stack of recent zoom/scrolls, added actions to restore previous/next
  • Zoom: fixed display of item backgrounds with very zoomed in and long project times

REAPER v4.01 - August 4, 2011
Course corrections
Downloads: Changes:
  • MIDI editor: fixed crash when undoing all the way back to when the media item was created
  • MIDI editor: action to select all muted notes
  • MIDI editor: added actions to select all CC in time selection, in all visible lanes, or all lanes
  • OSX: fixed audio devices with trailing spaces in their names being reset on startup
  • Project bay: fixed import menu checkmarks, button labels
  • Project bay: fixed autoretained item saving with project
  • Toolbar arrange: fixed potential infinite loop
  • Virtual MIDI keyboard: properly update keys on theme change
  • VST/AU/ReWire bridging: better support for resuming from sleep
  • Windows: installer improvements relating to path setting on x64, installer size, and portable installs

REAPER v4.0 - August 3, 2011
Like the legs of a giraffe
Downloads: Changes:
  • Dockers and toolbars: Multiple dockers, freely dockable in main window or floatable (up to 16 separate dockers/toolbars)
  • Dockers and toolbars: Drag tabs from a docker to rearrange tabs, create a new docker in another location, or float windows
  • Dockers and toolbars: Create, customize, and freely dock or float toolbars for different uses
  • Envelope editing: Support for copying envelope points with the mouse
  • Envelope editing: Groups of selected points act like contiguous items when moving or copying
  • Envelope editing: Shift+control+drag on envelope segment (customizable) edits the envelope level within the time selection
  • Media Explorer: Select a portion of a media file to insert into a project
  • Media Explorer: Optionally loop and/or stretch the selected portion to fit the destination area and tempo
  • Media Explorer: Scroll and zoom the media peaks preview
  • Media Explorer: Control+alt drag the time selection to render a new cropped file to REAPER, the desktop, or a folder
  • Media Explorer: Control+alt drag the time selection to sampler plugins or other applications that support drag/drop
  • Media Item Properties: Item/Take Properties dialog stays open while you work elsewhere, follows changes in selected items
  • Media Item Properties: Pitch adjust and playrate fields accept values (such as "1.004") or simple operations (such as "x2")
  • MIDI editing: Set user-definable scales and chords in the MIDI editor for drawing and editing notes
  • MIDI editing: Using mouse modifiers, copy/duplicate/paste actions can create pooled (ghosted) in-project MIDI source data
  • MIDI editing: Editing any pooled MIDI media item affects all media items that share the same pooled data
  • MIDI editing: Un-pool shared MIDI by gluing the media item or via MIDI source properties dialog
  • MIDI editing: New MIDI Contents menu for switching MIDI editor between different MIDI media items in the project
  • MIDI editing: MIDI filter improvements when displaying multiple media items in the same editor
  • MIDI editing: Many new mouse modifier behaviors to paint notes and chords, edit arpeggios, etc
  • Mouse modifier customization: Customize mouse behavior when using keyboard modifiers in 40 different contexts
  • Mouse modifier customization: In many contexts, mouse click and mouse drag can be customized separately
  • Mouse modifier customization: Assign different behaviors to the mouse when over the top or bottom half of a media item
  • Mouse modifier customization: Assign any action (including custom actions) to mouse click or double-click in most contexts
  • Mouse modifier customization: Existing/legacy mouse preferences are preserved, but user changes to mousemap settings will override
  • Mouse modifier customization: Actions to reassign default mouse action for any context
  • Multichannel support: Allow choosing greater than 2 channels of sequential inputs, monitoring inputs
  • Multichannel support: Multichannel track meters
  • Multichannel support: Freely route any number of track channels to other tracks, hardware outputs
  • Pitch shift envelopes: Each take has its own pitch shift envelope, including customized range and snap settings
  • Project Bay: Manage, preview, search, replace project source media, media items, and FX
  • Project Bay: Manage media item groups and take comps for the project
  • Project Bay: Save/load project bay contents to create working sets of source media/FX for different purposes
  • Project Bay: Store sets of edited media items (including fades, stretch, pitch shift, etc) to use in any project
  • Project Bay: Media and FX+preset combinations can be stored, inserted, and switched in the project
  • ReaSurround: Multi-channel surround panner with support for any number of input channels and speakers
  • ReaSurround: Freely position input sources and speakers in 3D space
  • ReaSurround: Configurable per-channel diffusion (treat input source audio as a shaped area rather than a point)
  • ReaSurround: Drag track IO button to ReaSurround to add new input sources
  • Render and batch-convert: Support for rendering project tracks and time regions to separate folders and files
  • Render and batch-convert: Customizable wildcards provide great flexibility in naming batches of rendered/converted files
  • Render and batch-convert: Save render presets for workflow efficiency
  • Take lanes and comping: Take lanes remain aligned by recording pass, creating empty lanes as needed (optional)
  • Take lanes and comping: Each recording pass gets its own take lane, even when recording overlaps existing items
  • Take lanes and comping: Recording no longer splits existing media items into different numbers of take lanes
  • Take lanes and comping: Save/load named comps (sets of takes from multiple media items)
  • Take lanes and comping: A/B or cycle through saved comps to audition/compare
  • Theme layout support: Fully themeable UI, allowing repositioning/removal/addition of UI elements
  • Theme layout support: Per-track TCP/MCP layout support
  • Theme layout support: Screensets support saving/restoring layouts
  • Theme layout support: Old themes use default layouts available in Plugins/default_layouts.txt
  • Theme layout support: New themes can define their own layouts
  • Theme layout support: Layouts can be switched via menu, screensets/layouts dialog, or customizable actions
  • Time selection: Default copy/cut/glue actions respect time selection if there is one (including leading/trailing space)
  • Time selection: Using mouse modifiers, copy/move behaviors can respect time selection if there is one
  • Time selection: Editing behavior can be customized separately for media items, envelope points, MIDI editing
  • Track input FX chains: FX in the input FX chain only run when record armed, and only affect the signal coming in
  • Track input FX chains: use MIDI or audio input, and can be set to output MIDI or audio independent of the input format
  • Track pan improvements: Track stereo width controls and envelopes
  • Track pan improvements: Configurable track pan modes: balance, stereo pan (L/R + width), dual pan, and classic (3.x) balance
  • Transient detection and dynamic split: separate threshold and sensitivity settings, and other options
  • Video: performance improvements, support for sequencing still images
  • Volume faders: new default hardware-emulation fader taper

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