Rules of the Cell Phone

Rules of the Cell Phone
By AaronGTV

RULE #1.  Always leave a message! Never assume that a person you are calling has caller ID, a person is NOT obligated to return your call simply because you placed a call to their phone… such expectations are to be considered Rude.

Caller ID is not 100%

Reasons for Caller ID failure are commonly as follows: No signal if a call phone is out of range of his or her network, most phones do not register a “New Caller” this also applies to phones being turned off… Roaming, and or Battery Failure

#2. Returning calls should generally be returned in the order that they have been received—exceptions are obviously Family/Spouse, Job/Business.

#3. Long messages are generally frowned upon. It is best to keep your messages quick and to the point; unless you have a special relationship and/or understanding with the person you are calling.

#4. When leaving phone numbers, never assume that the person you are calling has your phone number. [Always repeat phone numbers at least once] This is especially important with business related calls. Nowadays voicemails can be checked from multiple phones, computer terminals, etc.

#5. The best way to send someone a number is in text. Since many calls are answered in the car, or in transit… where pen and paper are not generally available. It is best to leave numbers in text for practical reasons. (Although failing to do so is not to be considered rude) Always include your name, number, and type of phone (cell, home, work, and/or if you do or do not have texting feature, etc)

#6. Never assume that a person has free texting. Even though texting may not seem to be expensive. Realize that charging rates are for both sending and receiving of text and that some folks have text messaging blocked altogether.

#7. “Mass Texting” This is when you send out a generic text to multiple recipients (Examples: “MERRY X-MAS” or “hope everyone has a happy holiday”)

This is usually done on or around holidays. Usually thought to be cute and fun to those who have free texting; BUT, THIS IS RUDE and also irritating to people who do not have free texting. So be aware… “Friends don’t let friends mass text”

#8. Answering calls while in front of guests or in public can be rude. Excuse
yourself from company while taking a call (failure to do so is to be considered RUDE) Be conscious of your surroundings… if you are talking we are listening to you :P

#9. If you are on a date or in a meeting it would be best to TURN YOUR RINGER OFF!
Also LEARN how to turn your phone off without looking at it; many cell phones stop ringing as soon as you touch a button… Find out how yours works…

[HINT] On a date, learn to stop your phone from ringing without losing eye
contact. If he or she asks you, “Do you need to get that?” Say NO! “I will call them back.”

#10. BE Where You Are (IPHONE USERS!!!) Unless the phone itself is the topic of discussion. When you are with a group of people/friends and are on your phone for more than 60 seconds at a time browsing and or randomly searching the internet… please leave the group. This behavior would be comparable to silently reading a book in the middle of a group conversation. (It is to be considered both condescending and rude)

#11. If someone doesn't call you back in 3 days, assume LIFE happened and call them back. (unless of course you are a biter old person with nothing else to do in life but gripe about how someone failed to stop everything in their life to call you and listen to a 2 hour conversation about how the government is conspiring to kill you and your cat... In all other cases though, call back)

#12. [And lastly] the average text is 144 characters... If you can't get you point in 3 texts
messages—CALL!!! Leave a message and move on...

[HINT] More Often than not, if a guy and girl are found texting more than 10 times a day... They are probably dating... Or one of them is hoping for more in the relationship. :-P



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