Hey guys :) how are things

well everyone :) i am starting some new blogs (i know i know i barely post on the ones that i have already :)
but  will be getting better at this... some of you may notice that we have ads on our pages now (yay) this means that we can hopefully start making a little bit of extra cash (hopefully at least enough to cover general expenses lol )
it has been a long eventful summer :) i have been making some new friends, and hopefully some good future connections for AaronGTV and even my band Omni-

Omni will be Performing at the Woodward Dream Cruise August 21st on Woodward just south of 13mile in the "Pei Wei" parking lot... at the 96.3 WDVD tent  ;) hope to see you there
if you dont already, listen to the The Radio Cafe with Christopher Ewing!!


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