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antoine dodson bed intruder A1 Music Video

The Radio Cafe' Top 10 Countdown

Spirit Of Excellence (windsor Ontario Canada)

The Election Day Song

Meet Dave Hamilton "an AaronGTV Exclusive"

Bob Dutko at Woodside (with Special Musical Guest Omni-)


LOL i forgot about this one "How Do i Use This Camera"

hey guys i was fetured on a VenetianPrincess video :)

thephoenixcafe September 27, 2010 17:27

ladyjenieve singing free fallin ;)

AaronG and the Band Omni

"Since i Met You" Omni- Tutorial [By AaronGTV]

"When i'm With You" By AaronG (a Mel Gagnon Cover ;)

i love this girl ;) if you havent already, please add her

Since i Met You "Live" acoustic video recording

IRIS - by AaronGTV (GooGoo Dolls cover)

4th Friday 8-27-10

Will You Be there - Jaicko Cover (Tera Renee & AaronGTV)

here is a little bit of AaronG & the band Omni- at the Dream Cruise

Links For AaronGTV and Omni-

Tera Renee and AaronGTV ;)

hangin at Perfection Entertainment Studio

Hey guys :) how are things

AaronG and the band Omni- interview on the Radio Cafe' ;)

Winners Announced ;)