[[RULES]] I Heart AaronGTV/Omni- Giveaway of 2009

I Heart AaronGTV/Omni- Giveaway of 2009

Yes people the contest is still going on :)

People have been asking me a lot of questions soOOooo

Just so that we are sure of the rules here goes

  1. take a picture of yourself (or a friend or a group of friends) holding a sign showing love for AaronGTV and or the band Omni-
  2. any picture format is acceptable (I am a fan of “.png’s” but that’s just me)
  3. make sure that your picture is not offensive and does not contain nudity or obscene gestures (unless you want it all over the internet that is)
  4. winners will be chosen on Originality and presentation. Photoshopped images are welcome… but bear in mind, photos will have a better chance of wining if they are original ;)
  5. yes you are allowed to enter multiple (Different) pictures
  6. runners up will get a spot in the new AaronGTV opener ;)
  7. yes, you are still allowed (and encouraged) to enter the contest if you already own a copy of “Winter’s End”

then E-mail to AaronGTVmail@Gmail.com

Contest Winners will receive autographed copy of Omni-‘s “Winter’s End”

And other fun stuff (Posters, Band Images, New Bonus Tracks… etc ;)

Contest will END when the new Omni- CD’s Arrive


Remember to have fun people! ;)

Did I miss anything? email me at AaronGTVmail@Gmail.com


  1. Heyy, you should update ur blog.. just saying :)... like who the winners were and stuff like that :)


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