I Heart AaronGTV/Omni- Giveaway of 2009

ok here are the rules people!
all you have to do is tell us in a creative way
that you love AaronGTV and/or The Band Omni-
in a photograph. And the sky is the limit ;)
email all entries to AaronGTVmail@gmail.com

most original photographs will be selected
to win a autograph copy of “Winter's End”
the latest album by AaronG and the band Omni-.
contest ends when the CDs arive ;)
so enter now!! select photos will be chosen
for display on Omni-'s Myspace (http://www.Myspace.com/bandnameomni
and AaronGTV facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/AaronGTV/139461066856

send photos here: AaronGTVmail@gmail.com


  1. you guys have some crazy pics lol!!! keep up the good work :)


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